Clint appears again on Gnostic Media with Jan Irvin and Bill Joslin


This show is titled:  “Becoming the Heroes to Our Descendants” – A legacy of Natural Law

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Red Pill Sunday School, Episode #7 – October 29, 2017


Today Clint talks about:  “The History of the United States! “,  which was not created till the Civil war, and the declaration of War on the “united states” has never been rescinded!

The “United States” is a corporation, period!


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Clint on Leak Project – October 28, 2017

The title of the show tells the entire story:  

“STRAWMAN – The Real Story of Your Artificial Person – Your Entire Life is a Lie”




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Red Pill Sunday School, Episode #6 – October 22, 2017



This episode of “Red Pill Sunday School”  (ep #6)  poses the question:  What is a Jew? Clint with the results of his painstaking research answers that question, in spades!

Being Jewish, being black, being white, being oppressed is a complete psyop!  Ben Gurion has stated that a Jew is:  “anyone who says he or she is a jew”! 

“Identity” is a fraud, and just a complete joke!  Without “id entity” there is no war, without “id entity” there is just humans!



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Clint appears on “Freeman Tv”, October 21, 2017


Clint is a guest with Freeman, (original show recorded on October 17, 2017)!

Clint and Freeman discuss:  Freeman discusses his strawman, who has him living in debtor’s hell.  Identity theft! Commercial vessels as in Citizenship!

Pension Funds have led to globalism!

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Red Pill Sunday School, Episode #5 – October 15, 2017



In episode #5 Clint talks about:  Cui Bono?

What is the purpose of blood sports, blood sacrifices?

Is there an ulterior motive, beyond getting our guns?

The UCC code and how it “legalizes” murder of American Citizens.




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Red Pill Sunday School – Episode #4, October 08, 2017


In episode #4, Clint talks about “The Iron Mountain Report”,  and the importance of “blood sacrifices”!  These sacrifices explain why We have the never ending stream of public shootings.

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