Clint appears on “Freeman Tv”, October 21, 2017


Clint is a guest with Freeman, (original show recorded on October 17, 2017)!

Clint and Freeman discuss:  Freeman discusses his strawman, who has him living in debtor’s hell.  Identity theft! Commercial vessels as in Citizenship!

Pension Funds have led to globalism!

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Red Pill Sunday School, Episode #5 – October 15, 2017



In episode #5 Clint talks about:  Cui Bono?

What is the purpose of blood sports, blood sacrifices?

Is there an ulterior motive, beyond getting our guns?

The UCC code and how it “legalizes” murder of American Citizens.




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Red Pill Sunday School – Episode #4, October 08, 2017


In episode #4, Clint talks about “The Iron Mountain Report”,  and the importance of “blood sacrifices”!  These sacrifices explain why We have the never ending stream of public shootings.

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Clint re-appears on Gnostic Media – October 03, 2017


Clint appears on Gnostic Media for episode #3!  Why is “The Bible” still relevant to Us?   All of the corporations only serve to have Us reinforce the “fiction”!  What is “prestigious” .. nothing but a Hoax or Delusion!  What is the definition of “Nice”? or “Smart”?     Satan is nothing more than the “adversary”!   Hell is nothing less than a “debtors prison”, which enslaves Us all!  “Diversity” is not a positive, it is Hell incarnate!     

For reference purposes, what does the word “nice” really mean?  

NICE, adjective [G. To eat dainties or sweetmeats]

1. Properly, soft; whence, delicate; tender; dainty; sweet or very pleasant to the taste; as a nice bit; nice food.2. Delicate; fine; applied to texture, composition or color; as cloth of a nice texture; nice tints of color.3. Accurate; exact; precise; as nice proportions; nice symmetry; nice workmanship; nice rules.4. Requiring scrupulous exactness; as a nice point. 5. Perceiving the smallest difference; distinguishing accurately and minutely by perception; as a person of nice taste; hence, 6. Perceiving accurately the smallest faults, errors or irregularities; distinguishing and judging with exactness; as a nice judge of a subject; nice discernment. Our author happy in a judge so nice 7. Over scrupulous or exact. Curious, not knowing; not exact, but nice 8. Delicate; scrupulously and minutely cautious. The letter was not nice but full of charge of dear import. Dear love, continue nice and chaste. 9. Fastidious; squeamish. And to taste, think not I shall be nice 10. Delicate; easily injured. How nice the reputation of the maid! 11. Refined; as nice and subtle happiness. 12. Having lucky hits. [Not used.] 13. Weak; foolish; effeminate. 14. Trivial; unimportant.

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Red Pill Sunday School episode #3 – October 1, 2017



Today’s show focus’s on the birth certificate, and debunks the many patriot myths about said document. The only property that is truly “yours” is your offspring, period!

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“Red Pill Sunday School” episode #2 – September 24, 2017


Today’s show focus’s on Clint’s special perspective on “The Matrix”! We are all in the “zion” matrix, human nature, and how the “Truth Media” is a 2nd matrix all on it’s own. Clint points out how “bogus” the Truth Media really is! How actual laws of evidence prove,  how desperate the alternative media really is!



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Clint shows up for Red Pill Sunday School Pt. 2, with Jan Irvin… September 19th, 2017


Today, Clint and Jan discuss the legal journey of the strawman, as compared to the journey of Jesus.



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