Great Bumper Stickers made by Timothy.

One of the archive members Timothy, who has been a big help around here – had these stickers made up. Currently He has 25 made up, if You’d like one for Your car, tractor, boat, hog .. whatever let Me know with a mailing address and I’ll forward the info. 

Thanks so much to Timothy, Code and so many others who make running these archives easier. 

Clint’s magnificent opus is now “out there”, We just have to be our own advertising agency and see that the work is “appreciated”! 




9 thoughts on “Great Bumper Stickers made by Timothy.

    1. Thanks a bunch. My sticker arrived today. Suggestion for others, if you don’t want to “glue” it on your car, you can buy a magnetic strip online and put it on it then just place it anywhere on your car. Won’t hold on horses though 😄

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