All 478 shows (actually 477) + database now available as a torrent!

You can now download every single show that Clint did on RBN in one single file!   Be patient – it’s a whopping 13.7 gigs of “Clint”

If You have torrent software installed on Your computer this is the magnet link: 


Thanks especially to Code for his help in this project! 


14 thoughts on “All 478 shows (actually 477) + database now available as a torrent!

  1. Thanks but no idea how to get that link to download – all I get is ‘no results found’ but will keep trying.

  2. Thanks drew. Now if I could just get inline while a peer or two with this file seeded are online. Oh well, patience is a virtue. Steve you are using a torrent client? once you get one installed on your computer, add a file torrent, and use the link Drew linked.


  3. Hi Craig – thanks but I don’t really understand this torrent stuff. I have torrent software downloaded but says link doesn’t exist.

    1. Just make sure you copied the whole link above, including the question mark; ?xt=urnxt=urn:btih:W5NHQSZ6QOA6T37EOPVUKEOD55F5223G&

      I’ll try it again on my end to see if maybe the link had changed or been corrupted. I can get it to recognize the link but it doesn’t seem to be ab;e to download the metadata for me. Might be because there are no seeds by peers that I see online every time I try it.

  4. Huh, my torrent software did it too me also, and I noticed if you copy the link it will not include the question mark symbol. Once I added that into the linked copy and pasted it denied me again saying no such link existed but then started the metadata download. Try that; copy the link, make sure the question mark is in front of the link text or add it in, then enter and see if it accepts it. Maybe wait a minute or two, depending if you have a slow connection or like me you have a wifi on your PC, and the data retrieval might be slow. A third possibility is maybe the link is actually bad, in which case Drew would have to confirm this, or someone else who has successfully downloaded the torrent files.

  5. I’m also seeing different statistics on my torrent client. It showed 9 peers with one seed earlier (5 minutes ago), and now I see 5 peers with no seeds. My understanding is a peer is someone who has access to the file or the torrent, and seeds are an indication that they actually put the files into their upload queue so other peers can access it in a torrent distributed networking fashion. I’m no expert with this stuff, so I’m not sure I’m technically describing this correctly but that’s how I understood it when I first started using it years ago.

  6. We might have to manually email Drew also, since he posted recently that his Hushmail account is now defunct and I got the feeling that account was linked to this word press. So if he does not have a new account linked to this word press, he won;t get email notifications.

  7. I can’t seem to see anyone seeding this file anyway. If there is no one seeding it, no one is going to be able to download it. Or there is something wrong with this link.

  8. Yo Drew, it ain’t working.

    Don’t put it up as one big file. I love to pull single files to first test a torrent and it’s health, and second if I end up being the only peer at least there’s some actual data.

    Magnet link works perfect, but no peer(s). Seeders come and go all stuck at 0.0%. So, my advice would be to do a trial seeding of, say, the last page of shows. My status is “Downloading metadata 0.0%”

    The American geezer at with the super tripping balls client name is about as regular as me.

    email somebody an actual torrent file, yo. Do you want me to start ‘something’?


    1. This might be a good idea Drew, have someone post one file and test it out. I have been away so long from torrents I don’t even remember how the file allocation works in regard to how the clients set up your upload seeds, so I’m useless until I do some more research on my end. Dazz here might be able to answer that though. Another thing is people might consider emailing Drew at his new address, I’m not sure he is seeing notifications of messages on this thread presently. I got no response until I emailed him directly yesterday at his address here;

  9. I tried this link on Bittorent and got no acknowledgement that the file exists. I guess I’ll go back to my qbittorrent client and try that again, at least that shows peers and seeds (though still no seeds appearing).

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