Behind the scenes: Publishing “Strawman”

Many of Us have wondered, “Why is it taking so long for the book to be published?”! 

We think:  it shouldn’t be that hard once the book is written to have it printed! 

This book is “special”, for more reasons than it’s content.  It is a work of love by a Man who loves the truth, and has lived that truth! 

When a Monastery publishes a book – they do it outside of normal publishing channels.

To publish a book without any ISBN registration, or UPC code – so that the “FICTION” has zero awareness, or control of the volume is a daunting task.

Missionaries publish books in this way, but navigating the murky publishing world to have a book “free and clear” of any Government is in itself an amazing feat! 

That is why this book is unique!

It may very well be the only book that You will ever own, that is a work of heart, mind and most importantly “Outside of the Fiction”! 

Thanks for Your patience, but this book is well worth the wait. 

If You’d like to own a copy of this amazing work, please visit:



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