Help needed to upload files to torrents!

All of Clint’s shows have used up almost all of the memory in My wordpress account for Corporation Nation Radio etc.

So that Clint’s shows don’t vanish as new shows are added to the archive, I need help! 

If You’d like to be part of this project please email Me.

Thanks, Drew


13 thoughts on “Help needed to upload files to torrents!

  1. I have a webpage I pay for and space for audio files, but I don’t know enough about it all to utilize it correctly. Melodee Hallett

  2. you have them copied off some place I presume — I think I have them all or as many as there are. At least between the all of us there prob is an ark until a new home can be found. And wow Melodee Hallett haven’t heard that voice on the internet in ages — maybe time to do a catch up show with clint — any way Drew I’ve got whatever I have on my disk

  3. Thanks guys and gals, someone here has uploaded 50 – 161(in a single file) to a dropbox account. That way I can access them faster, and once all are there – I plan to put them on a torrent so that anyone who wants the collection (with the data base) will always be there.

  4. Clint, You have no idea how helpful Your listeners are! They are amazing. All of the shows have been uploaded by a listener from New Zealand .. almost 7 gigs worth. I’m just working on the final details, once that’s done – Your shows will be on the net .. forever! (As long as I or others keep seeding them) .. Thanks to all who responded to My request – “You’se Guys and Gals are phenomenal!

  5. Don’t feel bad Jed. All the files have been uploaded by Cody, and downloaded by Me. Thanks to You all .. the more copies of Clint’s work out there, the better. By the way, Cody isn’t from New Zealand! Wherever He’s from, He’s amazing!

  6. I missed out on this, but would like to help by asking if I can also keep an archive of his work. Right now I cannot afford to get any extra cloud services or pay for the free ones i have by way of an account upgrade, but I could start another drop box with a new email I think and load them up there. I can definitely upload this archive to my personal computer and a backup drive I am in possession of. Will you be giving people on here a link have access to the new backup Drew?

  7. Once I get all the files organized with the database included, I will be posting the .torrent link here Craig. Thanks, as mentioned the more copies of Clint’s work, the better.

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