Clint’s Book is nearing it’s final release!

From Clint, Today:

Greetings! Just a quick update on Volume I of the Strawman series. 


I will be printing on January 31st, acid rain or shine, comets or zombie hoard.

Will be offering the book free in exchange for gifts/donations of $30 until printed, and $40 afterwards due to its size and weight with shipping costs.

My PayPal issue is fixed as are the donation buttons on my websites.

Please see the website for much more detail. 

Thank you all who have stood by me this whole time, and please download this latest version at I did end up changing a lot, having re-written the first 400 or so pages and adding another 200. Well worth the time to re-read, trust me.
Be well my friends, and thanks again for your patience and understanding. 

7 thoughts on “Clint’s Book is nearing it’s final release!

  1. Yes! excited, ive waited to read the book so far although i donated a long time ago. hope all is well and coming together for everyone! Thank you again everyone involved.

  2. Can’t wait to use their shekels on a book that will teach me how not to use their shekels :-). I won’t be buying only one either. Great gift idea for those cerebral friends.

  3. Can’t wait… wondering if there will be a .pdf or text version available at some time. Being old age blind makes it very difficult to read. Will pay more for downloadable product and use text to speech software.

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