Clint on Alchemy Radio

John Gibbons does a masterful job of getting to the “core” of Clint’s research. The best summation by Clint, of what He’s uncovered, that I’ve ever heard!

To Download:


2 thoughts on “Clint on Alchemy Radio

  1. Here in th UK we get something called a ‘CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY’ (Birth certificate).
    I can’t think why I never looked it up in Latin before.
    But with words/phrases like. Registered, feint, Flat nosed, arrival; entry, admittance, hostile approach, introduces question expecting negative answer. Popping up in the description…
    In any case it pretty much makes it clear that we are the creators of this bad reality and the entities at the other end can’t really believe anyone would be as stupid as to assume the manner of it; or none reality of it as the case may be.

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