Clint on the Graham Hart Show – August 22, 2016

Clint appears on “The Renegade Radio Network”, with Graham Hart.

The first 90 minutes feature Clint talking about His book


In the final 30 minutes Clint discusses “parasites” and how many unanswerable questions that, that theory answers!

To Download:


9 thoughts on “Clint on the Graham Hart Show – August 22, 2016

  1. Cool thanks Drew think I’ll pull out all of the KW episodes and listen in order. Could you please put a link to the Agency document that clint talks about here.

  2. Another question about Agency. Does anyone know what makes an Agent an Agent? Is it just a state of mind or is there something that you have to do to become an Agent?

  3. Not sure which “agency” document You are referring to Karl. I know KW talked about sending documents out to almost every Gubbermint Department .. stating that He was now an agent, with a time for response on it. He was requesting documentation that He “owed nothing” I believe.. it’s been a while. You’ll find that out in the first few shows with KW!

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