Clint on BTFC, this morning!

Clint appears on with Jules the host of “Before the First Cup”!

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13 thoughts on “Clint on BTFC, this morning!

    1. The best explanation of the word ‘dead’ that i have come across is that in scriptures ‘dead and death’ is not referring to physical bodily death rather it is speaking figuratively of the soul coming to its ‘death’ when incarnating into Matter. We are in a sense the ‘living dead’ and the fiction known as a ‘person’ is a corporation – a corpse. Some thought into this interpretation is very revealing. We must be born again ( of spirit ).

      1. We are and remain: “The Living Dead” that’s what over 500 radio shows have led Us to.

      2. Until and unless we are ‘born again’ but yes we are. And sorry but i found this out before i ever heard of Clint’s work – my own research into esoteric/metaphysical Bible study.

    2. anyone have clints email? he talked about how christians need to be willing to die to fight evil and how there was no mention of ‘afterlife’ in the bible. thats why asked whyatdoes the bible or he say abouth death and the continuation of spirit/consciousness especially since he talked about muslims who do claim to have an afterlife, with virgins (and young boys)

      1. I would highly suggest they have gone down the wrong road the same as Christianty has and taken their scripture literally, it’s nonsense when we do that and the ‘fruits’ of that error are clearly visible.

      2. Christians talk about going to heaven after they die, well Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is within you, and we’ve already established that dead and death is figurative for the soul incarnating in Matter, heaven and hell are both found within and the outer life is merely a reflection of the inner world. The Bible says there are two stages to man: the first man is of the earth, earthly ( John the Baptist symbolises this ), the second man is of the spirit ( Christ symbolises this ). Both states of being within. The work of soul development or soul growth can only be done in a physical body and the body is the Temple – the body is the tomb and it is also the womb – of the soul. God, Christ, the Devil, Satan are all within.

  1. Why don’t You find the answer to that question on Your own? Purchase a bible with the “concordances” .. so the language is back to the source – they’re available on ebay! Then You can find out for Yourself. Masonic bibles have all You need!

  2. Clint really should go back on the Radio even if it’s only for a couple of months. There is a less anxiousness, more mellifluous oration in this interview that should be expounded upon.
    I would be a great waist if he did just split.

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