How dumb are Patriots?

There seems to be a plethora of “alternative media” hosts, who claim daily, weekly, that “My site is being hacked by THEM”

“Donations are critical  as obviously, My site is under attack. The fact that My site is under attack, is “proof positive” that I am only spouting “truthiness”, (otherwise why would I be attacked?) !”  

Using the Trivium the above is quite “transparent”! 

If “THEY” – usually “military intelligence” wanted Your site to be DOWN, it would be down. “THEY” have unlimited funds, and way better software than any radio host could afford!

Triviumtards fail to see the logical inconsistencies, with this “donation” plea to uncritical thinking humans!

If the radio host was really “over the target”!  How many milliseconds would it take for “Military Intelligence” to shut the site down? 

No names mentioned here, but if one lives by the “trivium”, and “critical thinking”, one should also die by the same logic!

How easy it would be for Me to claim that “Corporationnationradioarchives” (who in their right mind would have a website with that long of a urrl?) is under attack, and I need $$! 

So before sending off those $$ to the sites being attacked, ask Yourselves one simple question: “Could Military Intelligence shut a site down if it wanted to? – with Trillion$ of $$ behind them?”

Of course not!  That would be using the Trivium!







8 thoughts on “How dumb are Patriots?

  1. I get tired of hearing it to be honest, i switch off. And of course they all have different ‘truths’. The ‘truth movement’ is like Christianity and other religions now, take your pick which ‘truth’ suits you. Even the radio sites that have multiple hosts talk different ‘truths’ about the same subject, so they obviously don’t research and listen to each of the other hosts. For me the whole ‘scene’ has become a right farce. When they have technical difficulties, usually due to their own lack of technical know how, they all say ‘they are under attack’. Sorry to sound so negative but i’m pissed off by it all. I like your shows Clint, i look forward to them, i can’t say i understand it in any depth but i can say i get the gist of it and law and the Bible etc. The alt right sites i sometimes visit just don’t seem to be interested they are more interested in creating a white mans god and religion, or the Bible is a white mans religion or in some cases love trashing the Bible as Charles Giuliani does, and he has a lot of followers who don’t seem to think for themselves and just love hearing Charlie rant on and on. Thanks for your work.

    1. I pretty much quit listening to everything except clint, Hal Anthony (Behind the Woodshed ), Agents at Law on blogtalk and George Gordon archives (It was the last thing daniel told us about) — it’s from around 2005 so you know how his predictions work out (not always right) but has interesting Bible info ( George Gordon looks at the Bible as a law book ) — might scare the crap out of you — lots of interesting stuff there. Check it out

      ps Sometimes I enjoy Charlies show but for a couple of years now I won’t listen to his Bible rants anymore — sometimes he kind of gets it but misses the point completely (as far as the Bible goes — he also looks at it from a religious point of view and not a legal one ) but on many other topics he is right on. Choose your Charlie wisely !!

  2. Charlie goes way out there, but if You need help with any research He’s done, He’ll send it to You. He has a different view than most, but He’s not in it for the $$! I don’t agree with Charlie on lots, but He is his own man, and willing to help anyone with questions. I admire that!

    1. Charlie does have some good stuff however his Bible rants and his closed mindedness because he has been duped in the past, and who hasn’t been, is not helpful – try getting through to those that listen to Charlie that there is truth in the Bible, renegade broadcasting for example, they can’t see the truth and largely because of Charlie’s rants – its like beating your head against a brick wall, if Charlie had his way that knowledge would be in the trash can and who does that serve ? His anger prevents him from seeing past the outer garment to the truth beneath and he puts others off looking. Not saying he does it on purpose but its not helping any cause. And yes he is helpful on other things but you’ll never open Charlie’s mind and its making it harder to get through to others, but then thats their choice.

  3. I’ve been in many “alternative media” chat-rooms. It’s not just Charlie or Renegade .. I have never heard or seen “positive” comments about The Bible, in any of them. Only here with Clint’s research, do We hear “anything” positive about the scriptures, which as Clint points out is just “collective knowledge”! That’s what separates Clint’s research from anyone Else’s! Clint did the arduous research with the concordances, and the language! No-one else had the stamina, to figure out exactly what “the scriptures” are talking about. That’s not just Charlie’s problem, it’s virtually every single other “alternative media” researcher. To a Man and Woman.. they go running from the Bible likes it’s a rattler in Texas. Clint took the time do decipher what it “actually” says. For that I owe Clint a major debt!

    1. One of the best scholars, and unknown, on the Bible and comparative religion, Egypt and language i’ve come across over the years is Dr Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Wrote many books on the subject and gave many lectures in his life time. Where Clint comes at it from the perspective of Law Dr Kuhn approaches it from the perspective of showing the spiritual meaning and showing that the Bible is not original but rewritings from Egypt and India etc. I came across Clint’s after i had read Dr Kuhn’s work and was able to ‘see’ the likeness of the two and how Clint had come to his understanding.

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