What is wrong with Nightmareica?

The last audio post – features Clint Richardson .. pouring his soul out!  How many pounds of flesh does this man have to give? 

Clint has given up home, health and happiness .. to delve where none of the rest of Us have the guts to!

Clint doesn’t want to be rich, He only wants to publish his research, so it can’t be deleted.

Clint is at the end of His rope, so am I!

Clint has given everything He’s got, and apparently that’s not enough!

If You have ever valued anything Clint has taught You .. Now is the time to “reciprocate”

If Clint disappears, these archives will as well! I pay a yearly fee to keep these files “active”,  I see No point in doing that, if Clint isn’t valued. The database will come up with zero shows!

Clint appeared on the “horizon”, and taught “Us” so much, if His “work” isn’t valued – neither is mine.








7 thoughts on “What is wrong with Nightmareica?

  1. If you ran into Clint on the street you would buy him coffee, no doubt the conversation would be that interesting you would offer a second … that would cost $10 in Australia. Best $10 you ever spent. Put you hands in your pocket you tight asses and give! And I am not saying give $10, I am saying give more … Kristen.

  2. I just made a donation, and have in the past as well, i plan on sending in $100 dollars at least in the next week. I would at this moment however ive been out of town with health issues, and have but 34 dollars in my account and 25 just went to this cause. Not because of anyones frustration but because even at the most chaotic of times you can reach out, tired or not. Thank both of you (Drew and Clint) for what you do again, always in heart, Barry

  3. For the disaffected former participant’s of Mammon who truly get Clint and his ability mine through the eons of adversarial obstacles are left with empowering faith minus the resources of Mammon, it may take a tube campaign to reach those fed up with what they see all around them that there is choice, change your God change your Law.

    Psalms 96:5, KJB
    “For all the gods of the nations are idols…”

    white stone monastery

  4. I’d like to donate more if I can free up some more cash in the near future, but for right now I’m spamming groups on Facebook and Twitter with a post containing a description and a link to the strawman site, with an appeal for donations. We’ll get there, it just may take a little more time I think.

    1. I’ve been arguing in some comments of influential bloggers (what I’ve learned) that they are not ‘The People,’ and that you do NOT want to be a public citizen under (legal) Law, but rather an ambiguous private I-AM under Nature. I’m glad Clint mentioned this at the start of the recent radio show. That notion that one is special as a citizen-patriot seems to be the primary impediment to any understanding that could follow.

  5. I haven’t checked this archives for some times. What did I miss about donations and Clint’s work?

    I am one of the disenfranchised people myself and instead of donating money I have spent time on educating others about some of Clint’s findings and promoted his documentations.

    Educating people is difficult, because most of them neither speak English well enough nor have the time or listen to 100s of hours of the show. It is a slightly different system at least at the surface here in Germany.

    I very much appreciate your efforts.

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