Clint & Patrick July 03, 2016 – Cold Reality Radio

Clint hosts Cold Reality Radio today, with his guest Patrick Jordan!

Unfortunately at 1 hour and 30 minutes, the audio ends! This is the only audio available to My knowledge.

What happened during this radio show? I have no idea, I have tried to find out, to no avail.

Was Clint apprehended by the “fiction”?    Where will Clint resurface? I have no idea.. the mystery deepens!  Were Clint & Patrick abducted by the Archons?




To Download:




4 thoughts on “Clint & Patrick July 03, 2016 – Cold Reality Radio

  1. A certain path, and the slowly ascending turn the show’s been taking for some time now is vivified and becomes self-evident with this excellent show. Perhaps the Parasite magicked them into genus, Amanita Muscaria. Find them, Drew! In painted fields framed and hanged on plastered walls, seek them out. Choose them back from Simulacrum, for they must be chosen in Reality.

  2. This is fascinating. Not blaming the Jews, embracing their ancient wisdom. The star of David is an accurate graphic description of interactive electromagnetic fields. It is a meeting of minds, aura meets aura, knowing the other. Superb. See Tetryonics for full…..enlightenment. I love it. It brings me so close to the thing, key, truth, trinity. I have been fighting so hard for a simple letting go, damn fool I am.

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