How did We ever let it go this far?

Yesterday, I discovered how ashamed and embarrassed I am by the world that We are leaving our children and grandchildren!

                I was talking with a bright, beautiful 15-year-old girl in one of our local high schools! She has been diagnosed with having a “nervous stomach”, due to severe anxiety from attending school. A local doctor has her on anti-anxiety meds, but She still can’t eat and is extremely skinny! She has a friend with exactly the same “nervous stomach” diagnosis!

                The reason for the anxiety and stomach problems emerged as She talked! Other “cool girls” keep flaming the young lady on social media, the flames are made up and vicious, most of a sexual nature! We found out that most of the other girls at the school willingly take selfies of themselves in compromising positions and states of attire! It seems You can’t get a boyfriend if You don’t play along with this insane game for 15 year olds!

                I asked the young lady if She had complained to the School? She had but this just made the flaming worse, now the school has scheduled a mediator to intervene between the flamers and the flamed! This of course causes more flaming, and more anxiety and more nervous stomachs!

                The young lady showed Me her cellphone, with one single messaging app she had sent over 183,000 messages – the majority of them while in school! How much can any student learn in this insane environment?

                Our County is currently trying to deal with a “suicide epidemic” among teens! I fear for this Young lady’s health and welfare! I can’t imagine getting up every day for school, dreading the flaming You will get, taking a lunch to school that You are too nervous to eat!

                My heart goes out to this Young Lady, and I’m so pissed that “apparently” nothing can be done about it! How did We ever let things get this far? How could We just pretend that everything is okay? How can We look at ourselves in the mirror, and say: “See things aren’t that bad”!

                Smart phones, (as the original meaning of the word smart means) are there to hurt Us! They are tools of “conformity”, and “inclusion” into the collective! If You step outside the lines, you will be punished by the collective!

                The Mother, is beside herself and wants to put the young lady in Home Schooling, this would mean there would never be a boyfriend, so this causes the young lady even more anxiety!

                How did We ever let things get this far? (I know I’m repeating Myself, but How?)


12 thoughts on “How did We ever let it go this far?

  1. Why does home school mean no boy friend? Why is a boy friend so important now? Sounds like this girl has to figure out who she is first. She just might what to get away from all of the nonsense in the school and take some time for herself and forgo the slave training.

    Also sounds like the mom may have some issues she is projecting on her daughter. Don’t be a fool get out of the school …. Oh, and throw that f’n hell phone away. Ditch the talmud vision too

  2. Thanks Karl, I agree with all Your comments! But these kids have been raised in the system, She can’t figure out who She is while in the system, and She is terrified to leave it. That’s what We’ve created!

      1. Thank god this school year’s over! The Mum is going to take her daughter out of public school and into home schoolin’! We had a long talk with the Young lady, and got her to admit that life will not end, and She can still have a boyfriend, even if She’s not in regular school! Thanks for asking Karl

  3. Medicine Man-18-05-2016 Mental Health and Children (13 May 2016) [Listen] [Download] 25.96 min 18 MB

    Please download and listen it is happening everywhere, here is a natural way to ease her troubled mind, peace be with you and yours.


  4. Man did this hit home literally , I pulled my daughter out of school after her 10th grade year because the last half of that year was fucking torture! LOL and this was a private all girl catholic school. Almost 5 years later and my daughter is still having extreme anxiety and stomach issues, as of recent she has improved with the use of “5htp” but still major stomach problems. I was most addressing candida but now looking at SIBO, her stomach is sooooo sensitive any minor changes in diet can reak havoc, and of coarse all main stream DR’s are fucking useless pieces of shit which I don’t condone but others in my family have taken her to see. And I’ve been pulling my hair out because I feel fucking useless after almost 20 years heavy into alternative health and thousands of hours of personal research.
    The most hilarious part is if you saw any of my daughters social sites you would see a highly talented beautiful young lady with no clue of the underlying issues, she had zero problems in school previous (smart , attractive, talented) but all the digital bullshit outside of school mostly bullying from basically haters that were jealous effected all her friends and slowly eroded her social life in school. And in retrospect it basically started after Christmas right after getting her own personal laptop and magnified her online exposure that was limited before that.
    Unfortunately there seems to be a big regurgitating of the quote “come out of her my people”!
    LOL and fucking go where???
    The poorest of the poor in India that have no access to full time running water or bathrooms ALL pretty much have access to Cell or even Smart phones for a fraction of a fraction of what all the Yankee Doodle dumb-asses here in America pay, I believe there mostly government subsidised also.
    Fuck water give me my Matrix now!!!!

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over until people get it. The problem is not the system, it is working exactly as it is designed by some very sick and twisted men. The problem is that we talk about it as if it is inevitable, as if we are slaves to it, as if Nature itself came after the fiction.

    The problem is that we have not left her and formed our own society, and with it societal norms, and with that exclusion of all other bullshit. We didn’t let it get like this, we are this. We are conditioned to accept and participate in it, through our personas (legal status), and if we don’t our persons are fined and harassed.

    What can I say… this is a STRAWMAN issue, and all arguments against it are STRAWMAN arguments. It isn’t real, so there can be no truth about it, no solution accept to leave it. It’s only going to get worse, which for its designers, means it is only getting better.

    Either stop participating or stop complaining. I grow weary of speaking about these agencies and systems as if they are tangible things. Only public persons are required to attend public school. If you are in contract with the state (the devil), then you have no excuse or remedy. Volunteers have no recourse.


  6. The schools around here monitor their student’s social networks and will punish those that abuse the “rules”.

    A very bright son of a friend of mine spoke up against the BS being taught in school (and he hated homework which precipitated his problem, but that is to be expected from someone who is bored in class.)

    The schools under common core must have the right to monitor the public social networks of thier students, and should confiscate their phones if they mistreat anyone. (But, of course, that won’t happen. Our educators must be less intelligent than our doctors, who, for the most part, are blithering idiot robots stuck in government paperwork and “approved” medications.)

    Facebook shuts down a dog lover’s site because it had too many followers, but allow these kids to flame?

    Yes,, it does get frustrating and many of us go into too much detail on what’s wrong and walk through the woods in this forest of trees. If one just stood back far enough to make our noisy world seem like a tiny, buzzing insect, one could crush it with one step. Mosquitoes are annoying and I swat them with ease.

    Those that are flamed should be proud of themselves for living outside of the collective. They’re the ones who are smart enough to see the BS being fed them.

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