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Clint & Patrick join the Shali Lama

This morning on Shali Lama is joined by Clint and Patick!

Clint, Patrick and Shali discuss – the history of “Civil Registration”, which dates to the reconstruction era of the Civil War! Then the whole wide world brought in “Civil Registration” in lockstep! 

Clint also gets to hang  James Corbett, G. Edward Griffin (Eustace Mullin’s plagiarizer) and Aaron Russo out to dry!  (Eustace Mullins can be excused as He only had the congressional library to research) The others know they are frauds!

Thanks so much Shali for providing this forum!

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3 responses to “Clint & Patrick join the Shali Lama

  1. Use logic, “they” have trillions of $$ at their disposal, yet keep on pulling off false flags that have so many mistakes, and loose ends! These are on purpose.. to keep the alternative media so tied up in the “fiction”!

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