Clint & The Shali Lama discuss the Matrix!

Clint joins the Shali Lama on to  discuss the Matrix, and Simulacra!

The book in pdf format:


To download:



6 thoughts on “Clint & The Shali Lama discuss the Matrix!

  1. It has been a remarkable time recently for my personal journey. I have been pod-casting for close to 5 years now. It started with Blog-talk Radio and then to Oracle Broadcasting. When Oracle ended I was invited to UCY to continue on the path. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that there are no coincidences. I have met some incredible people along the way that I consider to be part of my family on this ride. I have many times thought seriously about ending the broadcasting effort. One of my brothers on this ride, Greg from NJ made me aware of Clint’s research. Greg reached out to Clint and made what I believe is one of the most significant connections on this ride. Since that point I have had the pleasure of communicating directly with Clint on and off the air waves. I believe in Clint and will assist in proliferating the information far and wide. Clint will always have a home at UCY.TV and is part of the family. You too Drew!

  2. Shaii, We are so glad Your personal journey involves Us .. her in Clintland! I remember You on Oracle .. Greg is a wonderful piece in the puzzle. Thanks so much for becoming part of Our family!

  3. Great show. Clint, can you expand more on this topic of “Simulacra” and the matrix? It seems to relate to the other info you cover and in a sense I think it’s kind of what ties your material together. To me it seems to be a recurring theme, if not explicitly always stated as such. A fascinating discourse.

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