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Clint on The Bible with Shali Lama

I messed up!  Sorry folks, the wrong file was posted! Sorry to subject You to 90 minutes of “what’s Her name”!

File Fixed!

Clint joins the Shali Lama, for a discussion about what “The Bible” is really telling Us!

So many in the “Truthiness – Awake ” movement tell Me that the Bible makes them “uncomfortable”.. Squirm On! 

To Download:



5 responses to “Clint on The Bible with Shali Lama

  1. Pays to check back here often — yea I’ve got something new to listen to today — Thanks Drew Clint and Shali.

  2. not sure what the first 1 and 1/2 hours are about but WOW WTF ??? — well crazy stuff — I don’t recommend it I barley listened to it and it irritated from the word go.– Clint parts were really good sholly kind of gets it but it’s a process and it is his show — keep following the bread crumbs sholly — anyway allways glad to hear more clint — I get the break down — I had fun look forward to more THANKS



  3. Over 500 shows and No complete screw-ups till this one. Sorry I posted the wrong file.. it will be fixed momentarily!

  4. Some interesting stuff. I think the key thing is though to realize their government fictions are not real. Stop believing in them and giving them power. Imo. Call bullshit on it. Imo.

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