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February 21, 2016! Clint & ShaliLama

Clint joins the ShaliLama on for a discussion:  “The Truth About Vaccines”!

Clint discusses His early years, when at 18,  He was diagnosed with “tongue cancer”!

2 out of 3 Children, before the age of 18 – will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer in their teenage years! That is not right!   Modern Medicine is Cannibalism!  

Vaccines as “biological weapons”! Zombies and Parasites, Oh My!  We are at war, with “Ourselves!” Interesting as Clint points out, there is No, Zero research that shows Vaccines being effective.  Taking Vaccines makes us cannibals, inter species cannibals, and by injecting fetal tissue, Abortions (human diploid tissue)  obviously “don’t matter”!


Later today at 5:00 p.m. est, UCY will broadcast Show #1, and proceed with all 500 Shows!

Special thanks to The Shali Lama for providing this broadcast!

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4 responses to “February 21, 2016! Clint & ShaliLama

  1. Downloading now — like a junkie waiting for a fix — can’t wait to hear what’s up in the mind of Clint!

    Thanks Drew!

  2. Oh also Thanks Shali lama

  3. I’m having sweats, insomnia, shakes.. basic “cold turkey”! “Normal” Internet radio, regardless of the host, or content – just isn’t the same!

  4. marika ⋅

    LOL junkie would be the word, that’s great! Drew, have the medicinal and calm down haha. but but but, you’re right.

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