How to download from Spreadsheet?

I have all the radio shows linked by html in the spreadsheet.. clicking on them plays them back.

Can anyone tell Me how to download the shows from the spreadsheet?

Duh, very easy answer that I found – After clicking on the file in excel.. when it starts playing – hit “CTRL + S” and it will ask You where You want to save it. Geesh!



8 thoughts on “How to download from Spreadsheet?

  1. I did enter “control + S and nothing at all happened. My computer must be jinxed.. Sorry I sound so stupid, but the Geek Squad guy could not download from the spread sheet either. I will keep trying, I will not give up!

  2. Wow Drew! A Very Appreciated effort! I have been so immersed and damn near drowning in life that i NEVER got the chance to call in or really participate with feedback in this journey. So having the chance to analyze and share this space of imagination once again though the assistance of the audible senses and the ritual of listening is a gesture that i am very considerate of. Thank you! Friend ive never spoken to lol!

    1. you could install a LAMP stack on your pc, install wordpress and get drew to email you the xml file for this site. Through that you can down all and have a mirror of whats here and edit etc as you see fit.
      convert the spreadsheet to .html open with firefox (or other) install plugin “flash got” for firefox right click menu entry “FlashGot All” or CTRL+F3.
      download in small chunks rather than all at once. If you hammer the server your connection is likely to be cut off.

  3. On my MacBook I follow this procedure to download a show:
    1. Click on the show link in the spreadsheet, it will open a new window that displays a dashboard
    2. Press “control” and click any blank area on the page. A drop-down menu will appear.
    3. Click on “save page as”. A dialogue box will appear
    4. Choose the location to save your file

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