Hollywood Hijinx!

Our friend in the “alternative media” Mike Adams acclaims this Movie: “The Big Short” as the Movie of the Year!


The first thing that struck Me about this Movie: No-one ever does any work! The characters kibbutz, play office sports, do a great deal of gossipping, but not a one earns his pay! For the 90% of Americans who do earn a paycheck, by “actually working” this is an enlightening film.. Hedge Fund Managers do SQUAT! They try to figure out the best way to make the most money by outsmarting some other weasel. Tough Work.

The movie plays this as “comedy”, but most of America who got royally fleeced in 2008 don’t find it that humorous! Adam McKay seems to think these men who don’t work, and make money by “fleecing some poor schmuck” is incredibly funny. These are the same fund managers who during the Enron debacle, clapped and cheered and said: “Let Gram-ma freeze, as We jack up the energy price” If watching incredibly lazy men, take money from honest Americans is funny – then this is Your Movie.

It wasn’t really that funny when Hank Paulson went before congress and threatened them – that if the Banks weren’t bailed out .. there would be “Martial Law”! It amazes Me that this sad, sad time in American History – when a Nation was blackmailed can spawn a “comedy”!

If You’ve never perused a CAFR and seen that all our banks and all the “Fortune 500” Company’s stocks (76% owned by Institutional Investors – Government) – are owned by Pension Plans, then this Movie might be mildly humorous! 

But it is delusional to find the Pirates taking our wealth funny!

Oh, my gosh they’ve stolen Trillion$ , isn’t that hilarious!  

As Walter Burien has stated:  CAFR’s aren’t “the story” they are “The only Story” Corporations don’t own business’s it’s a mirror image!






7 thoughts on “Hollywood Hijinx!

  1. Its actually a great movie as far waking some idiots up, half the damn country at least most of the hard core Neo-Cons are still pissing their pants blaming all the “poor” people that couldn’t afford mortgages for taking out bad loans they couldn’t pay back LOL, when in reality most of the bubble was middle to upper class doing multiple re-financing on the same houses pulling out more inflated equity one of the biggest drivers, aside from the true derivative scheme that multiplied the fraud to infinity. Too bad they didn’t show the governments hand in raking in all the increased property tax revenue and literally causing gramma to freeze to death who was on a fixed income.
    Not to mention it sheds light on the fact of how the whole damn financial system is nothing but a shell game ponzy scheme LOL I feel sorry for anyone that actual had the misconceptions that these Wallstreet clowns actually did any real work ever to begin with SO its extremely factual in regards to your points I mean no aspect of the whole system employs anyone that actually earns real pay for any work of true value. Just saying it was an honest movie overall even showing how full of crap the government is in ever knowing anything that is ever happening because their just a bunch of stooges working for the banking industry at the end of the day, as implied in the movie the banks knew full well there would be bail outs for they run the show everything else is political theatre for public entertainment.
    The “new deal” created a trust fund system were all trust fund babies that the government and corporations feed off of, the currency is created and then its a corporate free for all as to who can manipulate the system the best and consume the most resources , the entire monetary system is backed by the people yet were enslaved by the ignorance of how the system actually works, its a giant true life game of monopoly except were all on the side of the board hoping a few crumbs fall off the board.
    There is different “comedy” funny comedy, dark comedy, ones tragedy is unfortunately funny to the psychopaths that feed off the souls of real men.

  2. I concur with Your review .. however. The hero .. who discovered the problem long before it happened – only tried to convince other Weasels to “short” the system. He didn’t hold a press conference and say.. “Hey folks this is what is going down!” – All He did was try to convince other hedge fund managers to short the system first! I don’t think that qualifies Him for “Hero Status” as Mike Adams and the Academy are stating!

    1. He was just doing his “Job”.
      thanks 4 the recommend BTW, (I hardly now what year it is let alone what movies R out).

      That was a great Movie, I think even the stupid know whats going on. It’s just a wrong prayer

  3. I wasn’t commenting on Mike’s perspectives only my own for the most part, as far as any one of them being hero’s LOL they were all fund managers with a sole purpose of finding an advantage in the market and exploiting it to the gain of their investors, no more no less so in that sense they were hero’s to there investors, in reality to go public and show their hand/advantage would be the opposite of their jobs.


    I realize now after watching it again it’s nothing but a simple propaganda piece, the title itself and the whole focus on the individuals ahead of the curve in shorting the market, the average 5th grade comprehension level is only seeing these points and pointing the finger towards them as if they were responsible for the crash when it was going to explode either way with the banks/Wallstreet raping everyone anyway.
    They knew they were getting bailed-out regardless that the idiots would blame the obvious and not the source, blame the people for signing onto loans and not paying them back, every signature on a contract was a citizen acting as surety for a loan, the citizens in trust of the government so daddy stepped in and cleaned up their mess.
    Clint should have done a piece on the CAFR and the housing bubble, I did my own research into the NYC CAFR as to what was being invested during those years ad then how it just dropped off at the crash, CAFR funds were a major driving force and the higher home values rose the more tax revenue was collected aside from the funds equity growing so government made money on both sides of the ledger, a perpetual cycle of system wide greed and corruption.

  4. A fellow who worked on Wall Street and woke up, said this movie was like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for him. To have to face what the did to people, he makes up for it by telling people the truth about the money system.

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