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Whew, data entry complete.


The spreadsheet now has every single CNR broadcast in the database. It’s been quite an undertaking.

Literally, looking at this amazing body of Clint’s work, “anyone should be able to find anything”

I have some fancying up to do, and of course there are over 70 bonus shows still to be added!

While I’ve been entering all the data for all the shows, it’s been an amazing journey down memory lane, of every rabbit hole that Clint took us down.

All I can say is: “It’s been a privilege to be a small part of this amazing radio show”

We live in amazing times, this show has made them even more amazing, and forced them to make sense!





9 responses to “Whew, data entry complete.

  1. Stuart Tiffany ⋅

    I don’t want to be an implant, its not my business!
    Hey Drew, I have been saving Clints shows to make a long story
    short got to # 150 and checked it against the database today its
    Diana filling in for Clint from Thur June 4,2015 not what is listed on database sheet! Just to let you know, will continue to save the 25 shows as you have asked and will let you know–TKS

  2. When I play back Show #150 – it is indeed Clint talking about Geneaology, as the spreadsheet shows?

  3. Stuart Tiffany ⋅

    Sorry for that drew, something went wrong with the download ! My mistake!

  4. Not to worry, I need people to tell Me where the “glitches” are! Thanks!

  5. That’s epic.

    Happy New year 🙂

  6. To You and Yours as well. It should be a very interesting year!

  7. Drew, thanks for posting Clint’s shows these past many months! We’ll all trying to make heads and tails of the legal system, and your unsung work on this site is a part of that. Thank-you very much.

  8. Paul ⋅

    Thanks again Drew very much!

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