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Missing File?

Someone wrote me an email about a missing audio file. I promptly lost the email, then my system crashed.

Can that person email Me again please?





11 responses to “Missing File?

  1. Hi Drew,
    Hope you had a great Christmas! I’m not the missing file person, but I was wondering ….. the traffic here is going to slow way down soon. Could you set up a follow thing so when new stuff appears we could be notified. Thanks.

  2. Merry Christmas Karl. As far as I know if You are signed up here.. any new posts will alert You??

    • cool — is that new — I have never gotten any notice of new stuff here. If it’s new cool. If it was supposed to be happening fyi I’m not getting notices of new notices.



  3. Not new Karl. You may have to “unsubscribe” and then re-subscribe.. that has happened in one or two cases . wherein people were not getting updates.

  4. marjan ⋅

    [audio src="" /]

    404 — File not found.

  5. marjan ⋅

    [audio src="" /]
    404 — File not found.

  6. [audio src="" /]
    404 – File not found.

  7. Fortunately the show is still available .. I’m removing the commercials now. Thanks

  8. I think show 88 had an earlier show in its place, but I don’t remember which one. I’ve only recently begun going through Clints whole archive to listen to all shows in order.

    • Show 88 was Daniel’s first show. The file was missing, but Daniel’s team noticed that right away and provided a complete commercial free file. I really appreciated that.

      Not sure about an earlier show as You mention, but I’d be happy to be educated.

  9. marjan cinober ⋅

    [audio src="" /]

    Length = 0

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