CNR Spreadsheet up to #350


That’s Me spent,  till after Christmas. I’ll add all the 487 Shows plus 75 or so Bonus tracks in the next few weeks.

This “living document” of all the Corporation Nation Radio Shows is up to show #300 – January 28, 2015 .. so far. I’ll be taking the next week off to spend with My family!

In reviewing those 300 shows  to do this spreadsheet, all I can say is:  “it’s been an amazing journey, to remember all the “rabbit holes” that Clint has taken us down!”

So many shows, so much to learn and comprehend!   I can’t say how much of an amazing positive experience it’s been – being the Archiver of all these shows, just imagine – that  the    total of Clint’s work at RBN is almost 500 – 2 hour shows. 

I’m amazed that the “Variety Show” has lasted this long, it’s a testament to Clint’s stamina, and research!

Thank You all for supporting Clint’s Show and these Archives. 

The only thing I would have changed – if I could start all over again – would be to choose a much shorter urrl for the archives. (sorry for that)

I’ll be listening tonight, with a few tears, a much larger heart and mind than when I started 486 shows ago!

Merry Christmas to Y’all!





15 thoughts on “CNR Spreadsheet up to #350

  1. Thanks so much Drew. My faith was well spent on you, who was the only one to volunteer your time and energy when I reached out for help in the beginning to make this archive happen. It wouldn’t exist without you.

    Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget what it is all about. For every day should be and would be a holy-day if it weren’t for our artificial, civil lives and the gods of commerce.

    Don’t let this christmas be only a corporate Christ-Mass in celebration of the pope (vicar of Christ) of the false church. Don’t let the god of mammon redirect your energies and hopes.

    Cherish what little resemblance of True blood and family we have been publicly graced by the magistrate gods to still hold consciousness of.

    I consider you the next best thing to family, my friend.


  2. Drew, thanks for putting this together, I have missed many of Clint’s show and now I have to catch up on all of them. It’s a great traveling companion on my way to and from work.

  3. Many Thanks Drew!
    We all have a vault of priceless information!
    And from your archives we have all Patrick Jordan’s interviews with Clint on a separate page on my site!!!! Valuable beyond words.

    Happy Holidays my friend!
    I hope to meet up with you all in the spring.

  4. Thank you so much Drew. I only ever listened to the show through your archives, except for the very last show with Patrick so your work was essential for me. Can’t thank you enough!

  5. clint, I am new to this website and trying to download all the shows. Only the Shows in red download and I cannot find the reason. Could you post info on downloading shows not in red.

  6. Margot, others working with the spreadsheet have been able to download all the shows except 69, 79, 155 and 162! These will be fixed in a day or 2. I’m not sure why you can only download “the ones in red”?

  7. Thank you very much Drew, yes it’s very sad to think that you all dearest friends are leaving the show! How nice will it be to meet some place in the Nature altogether any time in a near future!!!

    *Elizabeth Maslard* *(33) 06 12 36 23 18* * *

  8. Oh man, this is hard to give up. Out of all the “stuff” out there, this show filled a giant hole in my soul. This was the only place to hear what I had found years ago, but life never gave me time to follow up on. About 25 years ago I too started my mornings reading The Bible with a dictionary, which started my mind doing the same homophonic extrapolations I heard Clint doing and then later when Daniel joined him more of the same. Suddenly I didn’t feel so “crazy” as more than a few of my friends would say when we’re getting all “woo-woo” as we call it in Homer, AK. I have to also thank Clint for putting me and all the listeners on to Patrick’s information…..whoa! I share some of his info with the Bio teachers I know and try to peak their interests. Of course, I get those “looks,” but my friends, family and close acquaintances sort of expect this type of obtuse perspectives from me. There will never be another show like this. Us word-nerds just don’t make up enough of the market I guess. What will most be missed is the “nebulous truth” that KW and Clint discussed about getting our status redefined. I’m looking for all that reading material that they both suggested, so if any links could be provided for those “.pdf treaties” that were talked about, I’ll add them to the library I’m compiling.
    Many thanks and blessings to all and hey Drew, I’m trying to download all the archived shows to burn onto discs for future posterity. I’m up to 200 something.

  9. Hello again, I wanted to let you know that I went to Geek Squad to help me download the shows I had trouble with. The man there told me the shows on the spreadsheet cannot be saved to my computer. I need internet at my house to listen and I don’t have internet so I showed him your website where some of the shows, where it says download here, are not in red. He figured out the shows in grey are text only and not a hyperlink to a file. He was clinking around and found out that when he clicked on comments the grey text turned red and then could be downloaded. I need to download from a hot spot so I can listen at home. If you know otherwise that I can download from the spreadsheet to a file on my computer, not just the url but the whole show, will you let me know. Thank you a million, Margot

  10. Can anyone else tell Me if they “can’t download shows from the spreadsheet|? The way it was set up, the shows are hyperlinked for easy download! I have no idea what is going on here!

    1. Hi Drew,
      I can open the spreadsheet on my Mac with Microsoft Excel. And then open the mp3 which takes a long time doing so. But I am not able to literally download the mp3 into my hard drive.

  11. I now understand exactly what You mean, I have put the question out to the listeners to ask if anyone knows how to download an mp3 from excel. I’m pretty green with Excel . it may be really easy, I don’t know! I’ll keep You posted!

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