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Clint’s Shows now in Syndication!

Will now be streaming various shows from Clint’s  CNR Archives!

So Clint isn’t really going away! 



12 responses to “Clint’s Shows now in Syndication!

  1. Margot ⋅

    Clint, I am trying to download the shows in grey. Have done all the ones in red. How do I contact you to ask how to do this?

  2. Margo can You send Me a screen shot of what You are talking about? Then I can help You. I have no idea what You mean by grey and red!

    • Margot ⋅

      Clint, Where it says “download show” the lettering is in red on 75% of the shows and they download fine. But about 25% of the shows where it says “download show” the letters are colored not red, but grey, and they do not download. I have elementary computer skills and do not know how to do a screen shot. I just discovered you after your last show thru Shali on UCY. So I want every show on my hard drive. I was wondering if I need to subscribe to RBN archives to download the shows that I cannot download from your website. Could it just be my old computer that colors some of the “download here” in red and some of the “download here” in grey. If I am not making sense here I will try to make my comment more clear. Thank you SO much for your response. I have never heard such good information before. Margo

  3. Margot, can You tell Me which site You are trying to download from?

    • Margot ⋅

      I am downloading from I tried using a different computer and the same thing happens. If it would help I could cut and paste a show description to send so you can more clearly see what I am writing about. Thank you much, Margot

  4. I hope this doesn’t offend You, have You tried: right mouse click – and then save files as – and direct them to where You want to save them?

    • Margot ⋅

      I have downloaded so far all between 487 and 150. I right click and “save target as” and it goes to my pictures. The shows I had trouble with in the grey print are between 421 and 270. I wrote down all the numbers that I am missing if that info helps at all. There are 2 shows in the red print that would not download, numbers162 and 155. Right now I am going to try your instruction above on my missing shows and see if that works. But yesterday when I tried my computer would not do anything at all when I clicked on the shows in the grey print, only the ones in red print would give me a box to click what I wanted to do. Margot

  5. Show 162 is not there .. Yet. It seems to be MIA. I’m checking all sources for that show. Approximately how many shows are grey?

  6. Margot ⋅

    58 shows between 487 and 150 are in grey. I don’t think there is a show 201. I wonder if anyone else can verify that some of the shows do not download? I feel a little foolish if I am the only one!
    I want to put all the Patrick Jordan shows on my mp3 player so I
    hope I can eventually download everyone with him. Thank you for all the hard work you put in compiling everything. I appreciate it immensely. I want to have all the shows on my computer in case I could not access the internet for some reason, I could still
    listen. Thank you many times over. I will keep checking the web site to see if I have more success in the days to come. Margot

  7. Margot, no-one seems to have issues downloading any episodes from the spreadsheet. I would advise You to download one of the “free” office suites, like the one @ – then You can access the spreadsheet. I have attempted to make sure that every show works from there, and there is a lot more information available in the spreadsheet.

  8. Margot ⋅

    Thank you very much for your reply. I will do as you suggested. I should have thought of it myself! Live and learn! Margot

  9. Let Me know it that works for You, Margot. If You still have issues let me know!

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