Clint’s Shows now in Syndication!

Will now be streaming various shows from Clint’s  CNR Archives!

So Clint isn’t really going away! 



12 thoughts on “Clint’s Shows now in Syndication!

  1. Clint, I am trying to download the shows in grey. Have done all the ones in red. How do I contact you to ask how to do this?

    1. Clint, Where it says “download show” the lettering is in red on 75% of the shows and they download fine. But about 25% of the shows where it says “download show” the letters are colored not red, but grey, and they do not download. I have elementary computer skills and do not know how to do a screen shot. I just discovered you after your last show thru Shali on UCY. So I want every show on my hard drive. I was wondering if I need to subscribe to RBN archives to download the shows that I cannot download from your website. Could it just be my old computer that colors some of the “download here” in red and some of the “download here” in grey. If I am not making sense here I will try to make my comment more clear. Thank you SO much for your response. I have never heard such good information before. Margo

    1. I am downloading from I tried using a different computer and the same thing happens. If it would help I could cut and paste a show description to send so you can more clearly see what I am writing about. Thank you much, Margot

    1. I have downloaded so far all between 487 and 150. I right click and “save target as” and it goes to my pictures. The shows I had trouble with in the grey print are between 421 and 270. I wrote down all the numbers that I am missing if that info helps at all. There are 2 shows in the red print that would not download, numbers162 and 155. Right now I am going to try your instruction above on my missing shows and see if that works. But yesterday when I tried my computer would not do anything at all when I clicked on the shows in the grey print, only the ones in red print would give me a box to click what I wanted to do. Margot

  2. 58 shows between 487 and 150 are in grey. I don’t think there is a show 201. I wonder if anyone else can verify that some of the shows do not download? I feel a little foolish if I am the only one!
    I want to put all the Patrick Jordan shows on my mp3 player so I
    hope I can eventually download everyone with him. Thank you for all the hard work you put in compiling everything. I appreciate it immensely. I want to have all the shows on my computer in case I could not access the internet for some reason, I could still
    listen. Thank you many times over. I will keep checking the web site to see if I have more success in the days to come. Margot

  3. Margot, no-one seems to have issues downloading any episodes from the spreadsheet. I would advise You to download one of the “free” office suites, like the one @ – then You can access the spreadsheet. I have attempted to make sure that every show works from there, and there is a lot more information available in the spreadsheet.

  4. Thank you very much for your reply. I will do as you suggested. I should have thought of it myself! Live and learn! Margot

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