Radio Show Number 486, December 16, 2015

The penultimate CNR Show!  Clint is for the last time joined by Daniel

It’s hard to believe but Daniel first appeared way back in Feb. of 2014, Show #88!

Daniel has graciously invited us to a tentative camping weekend in late May or early June of 2016! Canada can’t wait!

The topic tonight: Charity without reciprocation! Charity is illegal. How imprinting and branding separates us from our Mother, from Nature! The word for tonight:  “damn”, and “damnation”!

To download:


6 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 486, December 16, 2015

  1. I am not sure how many other listeners were aware of both of your works before you started showcasing the case for required Exodus and creation of proper Ecclesia. I thank you both and am hoping to see you both for a good camping!

  2. Clint couldn’t suggest a better place for a meetup! I thought I’ll get something together here in NJ, but boy! You can’t beat to be around the fire with Clint and Daniel, oh yes, and the rest of you 😉

  3. I picked up a copy of the 1939 Birth/Death Registration book, mine has the original mailing envelope ( it gets even better ) mailed from the Federal Trade Commission, Washington DC .

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