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First copy of CNR Database!

Here is how the database looks so far and will look! 

Copy of cnrdatabase-1-100

This is a mammoth work, any comments on it’s usability appreciated!





5 responses to “First copy of CNR Database!

  1. archerindustries ⋅

    This is a great resource! Thank you for your time and effort compiling this work!

  2. I like it, will have to e-mail you I guess as I think my message was too long, (test to see if shorter message posts)

    • So far all links work except 33 Tim O’shea Nov 21(requires sign up I think to access the about and maybe you have cookies?) leads to blank page in Mozzila, same with 38 Nov 28 (this one the link is not clickable)

  3. Thanks, both links corrected.

  4. Elizabeth Maslard ⋅

    Hello Drew! Wonderful! What an immense task really! Do you need some help of any kind ?

    *Elizabeth Maslard* *(33) 06 12 36 23 18* * *

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