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Radio Show Number 479, Decemeber 01, 2015

A very difficult show to listen to, Clint announces the radio show will be coming to an end!

Many callers weigh in on how much Clint has taught us, and how much He will be missed!

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8 responses to “Radio Show Number 479, Decemeber 01, 2015

  1. Martin ⋅

    Does anyone know in which show they did talk about the relevance of oil?

  2. Martin, Greg’s oil show is in one of the bonus episodes, I’m not at home now but I’ll link to it later when I’m home!

  3. Until I find the link Martin, here is Greg appearing on Jan Irvin’s podcast.. all about Oil.. just released hours ago:

  4. I stand corrected, the episode on CNR.. about Oil is a “regular” show .. not a bonus one. Here it is Martin:

  5. Angelo ⋅

    There are several oil shows. The first was the five hour marathon when Clint was one of the guests as part of s small round table on Greg’s podcast. Then Clint had Greg on his show twice after that. Of course Drew has all of it in the archives. The last was a couple weeks ago. The five hour marathon was a couple months ago. Thank you, Drew!!

  6. You are correct Angelo, the 5 hour marathon was the one I was thinking of – it’s here: Oil is mentioned and many other issues are covered in the 5 hours.. Clint with Greg and The Shali Lama .. went down many very funny rabbit holes. Great Radio!

  7. Martin ⋅

    Thanks a lot for your help. It makes things much easier when there are people helping.

  8. Martin ⋅

    By the way a great show that you recommended.

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