Why do I run the “Corporation Nation Radio Show” Archives?

Lately, quite frankly, I’m not sure why. The host hasn’t communicated in over 6 weeks! I asked if I had offended the host? Still No answer. It’s been a long haul – almost 500 shows. I’ll try to keep the archives running for the listeners, that’s why I’ve been doing this.

But let’s just say my heart isn’t in it!

31 thoughts on “Why do I run the “Corporation Nation Radio Show” Archives?

  1. Please don’t think it goes unappreciated. Thank you for your dedication to the project and helping us hear one of the MOST IMPORTANT radio shows on the air today.

  2. I appreciate it Drew. I’m thinking everyone is super end of the year busy — and Clint is prob trying to wrap up his book. I’m sure it’s nothing personal.

    I’m glad you do it and I still low tech record each show, anyway — I like your files better.

  3. Don’t feel sad. I send an email a few weeks before as well offering a donation and did get no answer either. Obviously Clint is not reading his emails.

    Great work here – a wonderful layout and prompt uploads.
    I have used this archive hundred of times as I am in Europe in a different timezone and I would have missed the show without your effort.

    Thank you, Sir!

  4. Thank you for your hard work posting these archives. Clint, I recommend that you apologize for not staying in touch with the man who does all the work posting these interesting programs.

  5. Bless you Drew you are the indispensable link in the road to Salvation, your reward will undoubtedly come from the most high… as I speak for many of us in the wilderness…
    Thank You!

  6. Drew, my appreciation runs deep and it is easy to figure out my whereabouts if there is internet as I return to Corporation Nation Radio Archives many times a week. What an incredible gift you have given all of us (I have 2 other family members that also utilize the site and countless others I have shared it with as an invaluable resource)!

    I have had no success in getting a response from Clint to e-mails and wonder if they are being manipulated…?
    You have always gotten back to me and I really feel you are a brother of the highest calibre when it comes to being part of getting more of the truth to the people.

    ~ I would love there to be another show of just you and Clint, an on air re-union as your work augments his work and saves countless hours of advertising time for the listeners.

    Thank-you from the heart for being the loving change in action and leading by doing and giving back!!!

    1. Doh, forgive me

      PS Drew how can we, the ones that benefit from your tireless efforts to promote, preserve and present Clints shows – help you?

      We also love you for all your work and I think we can help !!!

  7. Well Drew, thanks. You are certainly much appreciated. Especially because now I know that I definitely cannot please anybody at all, anywhere, anyhow. Thank you for your thankless work in commemorating my own thankless work for all of this time. Having reached the lowest, darkest part of this personal quest for knowledge I suppose I can now throw in the towel. I’m out of steam. I’ve run out of hope. The infighting is more epic and more destructive than anything “they” can throw at us. And the being truths told by the infighting “truthers” are more outrageous than the entire coalescent timeline of bullshit coming from any of those mainstream propagandists. The corruption, the darkness, is all anyone cares to feed on anymore; darkness posing as light and meticulously spoon fed. And the parrots repeat. I am for all intents and purposes a ruined man pretending to be something I am not, still believing that I can somehow save that which cannot be saved. What I have given up I cannot reacquire. What friends I have lost are gone forever. What I have learned cannot be forgotten. And it seems that what I have shared will never be remembered.

    And so thank you Drew. Your integrity and even your visible past anger at the machine let me know that there is still at least some sense of sanity left in this structurally insane fictional place. But I must bid farewell here, because my heart is so much “in it” that at this point it’s just about broken. Even my silence is mistaken as purposeful ingratitude instead of manifest despair. Suppose I should catch up on some email, eh?

    If I don’t separate myself from this I will end up mad. I’m already broke. And so thanks to all who have listened and supported me. This station seems to be a dying business model, supported by good people that are financially and mentally tapped out trying to preserve it, and for that I respect the hell out of you all. But its preservation I fear can only be achieved by selling out to those who promote an corruptible progressiveness and commerce. Perhaps we shall meet for the first time in the Real some day, if the zombies don’t get us first.

    I guess this is me giving my notice. These next weeks will be my final shows.

    Again, as the comments above declare, thanks Drew for all you have done.


    1. Clint your the Man
      Thanks for pointing out all the non sense.
      Please don’t forget about your work. Have the strawman.info page updated to make it easier for folks to help.

      Once that gets out there as well as your and Drew’s work here will be the gift that keeps on giving.

      Thank You!!

  8. Clint, I guess this is the only way We can communicate: I hear Your anguish, Your pain, Your frustration growing every episode. I thought after Philly, that I was Your “friend”! If You need
    Me – I’d be on a plane to Utah tonight. That’s how much I care about You, and appreciate You for all You have given us! You have many friends in unexpected places Clint!

    1. Easy Boys easy

      Stuff is crazy. Shit looks bad but seriously take a breath. However slowly things are moving in the correct direction our numbers are growing, Maybe we can’t save everyone (obviously) but the more of us there are there are more of us to help ourselves. This is the best (most truthful) ride I’ve been on since I’ve discovered the lies. Anyhow you gotta do what you gotta do. This is a great work if it can be added to all the greater if this is it…. Well everybody grab what you got and use it remember it’s not the knowledge but it’s application. Thanks guys — chin up!

  9. Clint, remember Patrick telling You that You are 1 in a Billion?
    You are sewing seeds, who knows what those seeds will bring? There is an old saying: “You can count the seeds in an apple, but You can’t count the apples in a seed!”

  10. Clint just announced he is ending his radio show at the end of the month/year.

    We do what we do Drew because we believe in the info and getting the word and knowledge out.

    It’s not about pats on the back my friend. You’ve done a great job and I appreciate being able to take the Patrick Jordan ones and credit you and add to a page I made for him. I have all these shows you’ve done in my archives safely in my external drive. Ready to share with anyone interested.

    I’m sorry to hear of your miscommunications.

  11. My question is “who got into your head making suggestive thoughts” that what you do gets unnoticed? Since I miss most of the live shows due to my late work schedule I download it to my phone gizmo and listen on my way to and from work. I shop in the supermarket with my headphones on and listen to the show I downloaded here. People learn. I do. Keep doing it, please. If I was computer geek I’d offer help too but I am not. Trust me, only because people do not tap your back does not mean that they are not thankful. I am MOM, I should know that part very well. 😉 A lot what I do gets “un-noticed” but keep doing it. BIG HUG AND KISS TO YOU, tap on the shoulder and wack on the head. We ALL APPRECIATE what you do.

    1. Clint stated in his show this eve Tues. he is 6 weeks behind with email. He also thanked Drew carter for the radio archives.

      Clint’s got a lot going on inside him….if you listen to his shows….he shares this with you.

      You have to process what you are discovering. That is emotionally too not just intellectually.

      I also was mistaken…he will continue the show until John finds a replacement.

  12. Hey Drew and Clint. I don’t like to be redundant but I am truly grateful for the broadcasts, the archives and all the work that is done behind the scenes! I am saddened at the thought of Clint no longer broadcasting.

    In my personal effort to provide for myself and family I do web development and have a lot of experience with WordPress. I have the time, energy, and desire to help in anyway that I can. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Thank you for your commitment to the truth! Please contact me if I can help!

  13. It could be he busy. I thank you for doing what you have. I couldn’t do it because of know how. Take care an hope he (Clint) gets in touch with you. Jon

  14. I guess life is to learn to let go. The more one does acquire, the more one will have to give up eventually. And this is extremely painful.

    I know the pain about loosing friends and not being able to communicate and share thoughts with most people, being isolated and miss understood.

    I am officially mad after not accepting the system’s rule over me any more and live from a very small early age pension. Being mad is not that bad as you may think, when you look at the typical behavior of the normal people.

    And there is no way back to those who stay in the matrix.

    But if you turn to the people most hated by the system then you will find caring people that have suffered the same losses of friends and separation from society.

    They may not all be able to get or agree with your teachings, but they won’t judge you for being different, off the norm and questioning the system.

    I often have asked me, if my life could not have been much better, if I had just functioned and accepted their reality without questions. But that was not for me.

    I am just an intelligent man, with a poor life in a totally mad system.

    And Clint I am as old as you are and admire what you have achieved Clint. You can be proud for what you have done.

  15. Carter, my good man- please don’t think your work goes unnoticed. Yes it is thankless but that’s obviously not why you do it. You are a warrior much like Clint. I can understand how worn one can become from grinding against an endless machine but rest assure, it’s not been in vain. We are very grateful to you for providing us with this trove of truth that Clint has given us (specially after the RBN archive was “updated”.)

    As mentioned above… I see apple tree sprouts popping up all over the place, and the both of you have tended the garden very well. Clint has provided us with a sound starting point for a truthful journey and honestly I don’t think many of us could have gotten here without your archive. (One thing i keep forgetting though is Clint is on his own journey and we are just along for the crazy ride. )

    I am sad to hear about Clint ending his show but I am equally excited to soon be able to read his opus. You can indeed hear his pain in his voice but at the same time these past few weeks have been some of the most straight forward and brilliant shows I’ve heard in a long time. I can only hope you will complete your archive when Clint has completed his radio show.


  16. Thank you Drew,
    This ‘Corporation Nation’ show has taught me a lot!!
    I guess mostly it shines a light on how little I knew in the first place. Haha
    I’m an idiot just like everyone else. At least I’m in good company. We’re the sharpest dressed idiots on the planet
    These comment posters make me sick. They’re all so chatty with the text comments but when Clint opens the phone lines you could hear a pin drop!!!
    Keyboard activists!

    1. Keyboard activists? I’m pretty sure most communication devices in today’s society uses a keyboard of some sort. I’m not trying to be argumentative but calling supporters of Clint and Drew a derogatory term is not being very productive either- it is almost as bad as using a keyboard to type in a protest against “keyboard activists” (the ole complaining about the complainers paradox). And I’m not calling you out over this comment as much as I too grow “sick” because i see these comments all the time… keyboard activists, armchair activists, etc…

      As many have stated, we use these archives because WE CAN’T LISTEN WHEN THE SHOW IS LIVE. How do you suppose we call into a live show when we can’t even listen when it is live?

      And on a side note, just because some of us choose to use complete sentences in written communication to express our ideas doesn’t mean we do not share this information to others or makes our motives an less noble. Some of us choose not to call into radio shows because we would simply be preaching to the choir so to speak and wasting energy there (and Clint’s time) when we could be using this energy someplace more useful.

  17. The Archives will be here as long as I breathe. I’m working on a complete database of all (almost 500) shows. This should make it easier for people looking for “specific” content. Clint has given us all He’s got, it’s only fitting that His “work” be treated with the “respect” it deserves. As Clint mentioned last night He is looking forward to being a guest on other radio shows, If and when I hear about those shows .. they will be added to this amazing body of work!

  18. Just a thought while we are getting stuff together here. Could you (Drew) make a location here for the pdfs that get talked about a lot here like the Corporate Suretyship one and maybe links to Clint’s favorite online resources etc.


  19. The database project for almost 500 shows is quite daunting.. I’ll try to get to that Karl .. I’ll leave a blank spot in the DB for every show’s “additional notes”.. If someone out there wanted to start sending me links for articles mentioned on the show.. that would be a great help! A small note.. since the show is winding down .. I’ve started adding all of Clint’s bumper music to every episode, as a sign of respect. I know We’ve heard these songs many, many times.. but soon We won’t!

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