Bonus Clint – Sacred Cow BBQ – Patricia Aiken interviews Clint!

Wow, Great Show – Patricia asks all the right questions! Clint has been on the air at RBN for over two years, that’s 468 shows!

Tonight Clint distills all of those shows, into this 2 hour interview!

An amazing amount was covered: “Clint Unplugged:!

If You need to get someone “new” to listen to Clint, this is the show to have them listen to.

To Download:


7 thoughts on “Bonus Clint – Sacred Cow BBQ – Patricia Aiken interviews Clint!

    1. Hello Bill!

      You are right, great show.
      Looks like writing the book made Clint very focused at explaining key concepts using easy to get examples.

      And Patricia Aiken was very good at linking the concepts to every day life challenging Clint into being very on the point.

      By the the way is there a link to more information on KW and how he became free from the system?

      Greetings from Germany

  1. Hi Clint, question for you concerning timestamp 39:45 of this interview.

    “Is the history important? Absolutely. Is it possible to tell what is history in the bible? Absolutely not. Dead Sea Scrolls? Absolute fake.”

    Do you care to substantiate that? I couldn’t find any articles or shows of yours covering the topic, but I could be looking in the wrong place.

  2. I believe that was covered by Harry Hubbard, in this episode: I can’t remember the exact reason they are fake.. but I think it was one of 2 items: The language they were written in .. wasn’t spoken or written then, or the material they were printed on .. were never used and wouldn’t have lasted this long.. even sealed in a vase with a wax lid!

  3. From rooting around: >>
    Dating from 200 BC to 50 AD or so
    Discovered in Qumran just after the formation of Israel (1947)
    Written in Block Hebrew Cursive Script not Cursive Phoenician
    Written on Vermillion Sheepskin not papyrus

    Hebrew Block Script was created in Petra in the first century AD, then in the 2nd 3rd century AD the Syrian Semitic script came about. 800 AD is the date of first appearance of Cursive Hebrew Block Script. Now 800 AD is ONE THOUSAND YEARS LATER than the writing on the earlier Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran.

    Paul Schaffranke details problems with archaic Punic inscriptions and provides the origin and basis for a newly morphed form of language called “Hebrew” as he combs through problems with the Dead Sea Scrolls Manuscripts. Never before revealed data obliterates and destroys modern Semitic Scholars, as the issue unfolds of why the DSS are shrouded in secrecy, and kept from the public at large.

  4. Wow. Thanks drewjosephcarter.

    Harry is rather compelling. Been listening to his interview with Clint and the Shamu & The Shrine videos. Def will be spending some more time with Harry’s work after this.

    I had some serious cognitive dissonance earlier with the claim that the DSS were a fraud since I came to Clint’s work by route of Jan Irvan & Joseph Atwill. This doesn’t disprove Caesar’s Messiah’s thesis in my eyes; but it does seem like Joe doesn’t quite have the whole story yet. I’m excited to see where this leads with Irvan; since it now makes complete sense to me that Allegro would be a controlled opposition. I haven’t read Allegro yet; but if the DSS are fake that would have to be the only conclusion, right? Sheeesh.

    Clint and Jan helped me discover how fraudulent Passio & Richard Andrew Groves are. I hope Jan confronts this issue one day.

  5. You’re welcome Jonathan. Clint & Jan have opened many eyes, including Mine. I had no idea Clint’s radio show would be sitting here at over 470 shows, Clint doesn’t have “followers”, but many “students”! I was the one who discovered Richard Andrew Grove’s fraud, after being threatened with legal action to take Me back to the stone age by Lisa, Clint volunteered to roll the story out! I don’t trust any researchers besides Myself, but Clint, Jan, and Deanna Spingola – have the unique quality of being able to admit when they are wrong – which is “priceless”!

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