Radio Show Number SB10a, October 27, 2015

Lark from Texas fills in again for Clint.

Tonight Lark asks the question:  “Did Slavery Ever End?”

To Download:


8 thoughts on “Radio Show Number SB10a, October 27, 2015

  1. Remember the Dutch East India Company was started by Jewish slave traders recently kicked out of Spain by Isabella.

  2. You mention psychological projection. I remember reading how the idea of ‘Highjacking’ was introduced to the public mind through a movie about a highjacking, whereas before, few had ever heard of the idea. Then as the idea entered the public mind, we started hearing about highjacking more often.

  3. This show isn’t downloading…just an FYI.

    Thank you for posting Clint’s work. I suspect you don’t hear much gratitude, but the time you spend making these shows easily available is greatly appreciated.


      1. just as a timely reminder to thank you for all you do…from Oz-straylia..(australia) I get very eggsited when I see new posts particularly Clint and Patrick.. thanks again.. know you are appreciated from even just a few of us around the globe – oh!!! is it a globe???

  4. I thought these 2 episodes with Lark were so full of great content, the 2 Timelines and the other links mentioned by Lark .. enriched my research greatly. If You see this.. thanks Lark, Great Job!

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