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Radio Show Number SB10a, October 27, 2015

Lark from Texas fills in again for Clint.

Tonight Lark asks the question:  “Did Slavery Ever End?”

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8 responses to “Radio Show Number SB10a, October 27, 2015

  1. Will Wood ⋅

    Remember the Dutch East India Company was started by Jewish slave traders recently kicked out of Spain by Isabella.

  2. Will Wood ⋅

    You mention psychological projection. I remember reading how the idea of ‘Highjacking’ was introduced to the public mind through a movie about a highjacking, whereas before, few had ever heard of the idea. Then as the idea entered the public mind, we started hearing about highjacking more often.

  3. Bernie'sCrazyCommieHair ⋅

    This show isn’t downloading…just an FYI.

    Thank you for posting Clint’s work. I suspect you don’t hear much gratitude, but the time you spend making these shows easily available is greatly appreciated.


    • Thanks for pointing that out Bernie.. I did some file renaming and re-uploading. Can You try it again please?

      • just as a timely reminder to thank you for all you do…from Oz-straylia..(australia) I get very eggsited when I see new posts particularly Clint and Patrick.. thanks again.. know you are appreciated from even just a few of us around the globe – oh!!! is it a globe???

  4. Richard ⋅

    slavery has never ended. more now than in recent ‘chattel slavery’ days in US. worldwide increasing rapidly…

  5. I thought these 2 episodes with Lark were so full of great content, the 2 Timelines and the other links mentioned by Lark .. enriched my research greatly. If You see this.. thanks Lark, Great Job!

  6. Zeke

    I watched the economic fascism, some remarked that is was quote mining, here again we have a case of who, and what does one believe.

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