Radio Show Number 465, October 21, 2015

As per usual on Wednesday’s Clint is joined tonight by Daniel from
The Topic(s) tonight:  The words –  “posterity”  (something that happens after an event.. i.e. children)
“ancestor”..(one from whom a person precedes) “predecessor” in the order of an office “fiction” – departing from Your Ancestors!

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4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 465, October 21, 2015

  1. I came to this conclusion today about the Bible. The very first words “In the beginning” (Beg in ‘ing’ — to beg into the story/control.)

    Time has no beginning or end, so there can be no beginning.

    “God” took control by telling us to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (So who is God?)

    Since we all know that the bible is a book written for the purpose of controlling the masses, it is a book that tells of unimaginable evil as well as unimaginable good… i.e. the tree (book) of the knowledge of good and evil.

    Jesus (ISIS) is the good guy, Satan is the bad guy.

    If we consider the nature around us, we can see that the strongest and most intelligent beings have control over others. This is understandable based on our (that’s us) need to survive, our need to be “one up” over the other. “Knowledge is power” and “Protection Money” sum up nicely the conditions we have on this planet.

    One “commandment” sums up the way to live… DO NO HARM.

  2. Hello Katie, thanks for participating. Just to let you know in advance, my conclusions will change and I posted here to see if Clint agrees or can slap me upside the head for being so wrong.

    I know Clint is familiar with MK-Ultra and might know about Neuro-linguistic programming, too.

    The conclusion I have right now is that there are unknown (for now) individuals controlling our planet besides the “Rothschilds and board members of the World Bank. These fictitional characters (Fall guys) are used to hide their own identities and take the blame for all the nastiness they wreak onto our world.

    This has been going on for millennia, so the history we study is, for the most part, misleading. (History is written by the victor.)

    People would like to call the bad guy “Satan”, but this concept comes from the Bible itself.

    Clint is great at studying the “law” that our unknown “leaders” have foisted upon us and he provides a critical step towards finding the true character(s) behind the veils of deception we must go through before we can actually get our freedoms back.

    I hope there are those much more intelligent than I am to break down each veil. It is difficult to do because there are so many dis-info agents out there. They are dis-info because of lack of knowledge or dis-info because they’re paid (forced) to put out confusing/distracting trash.

    I’ve got three bran cells in my head, two are arguing and the third is there to confuse the issue(s).

    It used to be that one could trace internet communications using the tracert command. At that time I realized most communications went through Switzerland, Germany, London, and back to the U.S. to the world’s largest internet service provider. (Can’t remember the name right now.) This ISP is somewhere near Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).

    M.I.T.’s main focus is on surveillance technology. Whoever is in control is terribly paranoid and wants to know everything that’s going on.

    FACEBOOK (FACE BOOK) is another of their (our true bad guys) efforts to identify and keep tabs on what each person is doing, where they’re going, their biometrics, and political views.

    The internet was designed to monitor our planet. It’s dong a good job of that. It contains a mixture of good info and dis-info to put us off track.

    At this point I believe only what I’ve experienced myself, I seek reality… a tough job at that. (Reality is perception.)

    There’s so much more… but I think you get the point.

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