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Clint’s Radio Show Schedule to be reduced!

Starting very soon, Clint’s show on RBN will be on 3 nights a week rather than 5!

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday will still be Clint.

Thursday & Friday .. who knows?



7 responses to “Clint’s Radio Show Schedule to be reduced!

  1. sorry, ignore my stupid why question above..there’s a reason for everything (apparently)

  2. Clint has done almost 500 shows, that spells “burn out”. Just a small “bad” comparison – Jan Irvin lasted 60 shows or so!

  3. Pete from New York ⋅

    The man is a machine… He is finishing his book. I have been busy but thanks to Drew listening to the shows on the weekend. Clint I love you my brother and hope to see you soon. Do not do without, anything you need just ask. We are all truly blessed to have you touch our lives. Pete

  4. Howdy, Pete! It’s my turn to spring for lunch. Come on up for a visit! It has been a very amazing journey.. 459 Shows – Hard – almost impossible to believe: 45,900 commercial free minutes of learning.. Wow!

  5. Well we’ve got the Father and the Holy ghost. Who’s going to be the Son? lol

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