Yipee, Show 427 has surfaced, thanks to a fan!

 The missing show number 427, from August 24, 2015 featuring Clint & Patrick Jordan discussing Egg Whites and Human Goo!

is here:  https://corporationnationradioarchives.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/show427_aug24.mp3


7 thoughts on “Yipee, Show 427 has surfaced, thanks to a fan!

    1. Thanks for responding Drew.

      My problem is that if I click on the file so as to listen to this particular programme in the browser it only brings up a blank page. Saving it to the downloads folder I only get an empty mp3 file, zero bytes. I even tried both these methods with a different browser but to no avail.

      Having downloaded hundreds of Clint’s shows with never any difficulty I am puzzled as to why, even after you re-uploaded this particular show I – and it seems that it is only I still get the same non result, yet the more recent one with Patrick, No.447 downloads without a hitch.

      As you keep your file sizes relatively small would it be possible just to email me this episode as I particularly like the topics discussed between Clint and Patrick along with their ironc yet humorous banter given its seriousness.

      Since their recent comments about this show my curiosity and interest have only been piqued all the more for hearing it.

      Thank you, Rick

      1. Thanks very much for sending me a functioning copy, much appreciated, Rick
        PS. Just tried downloading the one posted in the archives again. Zero bytes! Weird and a tad baffling, but at least its not life threatening – as some of the items that are probably being discussed in the one you sent.

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