Radio Show Number 439, September 10, 2015

Clint is joined tonight by Harry Hubbard from

Harry takes us on an amazing journey through the Encyclopedia of Judaism and eventually “The Diary of Anne Frank”!, Shamu the killer whale and Masons, and much more.

To Download:

For much more, and  “show notes” please visit:


2 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 439, September 10, 2015

  1. Hi clint very interesting guest, but what does he say to those who claim to be reincarnations of Jesus the Christ, as when harry asks what was you fathers name they would say god, 😉 ?
    Also the video about the killer whale that harry has made, seems to confirm all politics is free Masonic, Sick or what?
    Be good cliff

  2. Wow Clifford, you weren’t sleeping at all. If I met someone who claimed to be Jesus, I would ask them how many languages they speak – and why don’t they know Latin? None of these supposed reincarnates speak anything but English, but some can throw out some Spanish, but never Greek, Latin or Aramaic. Thank you for your educated comments and questions and please do check out more at the Harry Hubbard YouTube Channel. Best to you and yours.

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