Radio Show Number 428, August 25, 2015

Clint goes solo tonight! He discusses the Stock Markets and the upcoming Schmita in September of this year!  Remember 2008!

To Download:


5 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 428, August 25, 2015

  1. Gal 4:24 These things are an Allegory !! Not history. Not literal. The whole Bible is a collection of allegories. Solomon’s Temple is your body. Golgotha isn’t a hill in Palestine. It is your own skull, head.. I could go on..

  2. Right on William, the historic version is the killer 2Cor 3:6. Pus even Jesus said John was the best born of a woman yet would be least in the kingdom of heaven Matt 11:11, so that makes Jesus the innerman or Divine seed.

    1. Agree with William and part of Zeke – Jesus represents the soul of each of us – the first man is of the earth, earthly, represented by John the Baptist, the second man is of the spirit, the Christ in you your hope and glory, thy seed which is Christ. So, baptism of water is the soul incarnating in the body which is 7/8ths water and water is a symbol of Matter, mari, mary, woman in the bible is symbol of matter, in latin mater,mary which means ‘bitter water’ and the blood is of the same constitution as sea water. Then comes the baptism of fire a symbol of spirit. Death, dead etc in the Bible is not referring to physical death of the body but is figurative of the soul dying when incarnating in matter, it is coming to its death figuratively and must be ‘born again’. The body is the ‘tomb, egypt’ etc and is also the womb for our new birth. The ‘seed’ of a higher kingdom is birthed in the kingdom below it. Our spiritual seed, Christ, is buried in the kingdom below – Matter, the body, the temple, the tomb – womb. I highly recommend the book Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s Collection, by Alvin Boyd Kuhn, indeed any of his books.

  3. @Steve, if I missed approving a comment it was due to being busy, not disapproval! There’s only me, and recently I’ve changed over to linux, so I’ve been distracted lately. If You’d like to repost the comments they will be approved toute suite.

    1. Hi Drew, my sincere apologies for my 2 comments dated 30 August, please remove them. My comment of 29 August was not showing for me so I thought it had been rejected hence my comment of 30 August – I jumped the gun Drew i’m sorry.

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