Radio Show Number 427, August 24, 2015

Thanks to a listener who sent this show to Clint!

Clint is joined by Patrick Jordan from

The Topic this evening, Egg Whites!

To Download:


15 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 427, August 24, 2015

  1. Well that’s twice “shame on us” as far as Patrick Jordan shows go. ( although the first was only a scare — hope this works out the same way )

    In todays world of “i things” is it that difficult for those of us “who care” while we are listening to hit a record button and keep a backup until we “are sure” of the archive.

    I’m not sure what tech wonders there are out there to do this as I am “i thing” challenged, however I’m going to look through my stuff to see what I can do. I suggest you do the same.

    1. To be clear…my piss off remark isn’t to Drew…. just a general statement.

      I don’t record anything I listen to online. Which is a mother load. Nor do I know how. I have enough on my plate to deal with.

      No shame here.

      1. I wouldn’t recommend recording everything except maybe this show and maybe 1 or 2 others. Also I was talking to all the live listeners who care and are able. Maybe some, one or none will take up the back up back up challenge. Maybe others like me will figure out something and maybe play the odds — it’s not hard to predict whose shows will be messed with but as time goes bye they may end up messing with each of Clint’s shows. So it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to be ready or not. —

        Oh and if there are any tech wizards who might have some solutions for the rest of us please put some ideas here. Thanks.

        ps this shouldn’t all have to fall on one mans shoulders either. Drew you are the man! Thank you

  2. It’s odd that the Show before Clint was recorded perfectly by RBN, then when Clint’s show starts.. Zilch. not even the first 5 minutes. I’m pissed – but that isn’t helping!

  3. There is better software, I can send anyone who wishes to take part! But this may not solve the “issue” . I record my own copy of every Clint Show, I pay for an alternative source from Florida who also records the show, and as a “last” resort .. We hope RBN records the show. When all 3 sources fail, I’m left with the opinion that RBN didn’t want that show recorded. They have control over their stream .. so??

  4. Every Net Radio Show has difficulties: I’m in Canada and try to record, someone if Florida tries to record.. so there may be some reason why Florida & Canada can’t record.. but there is NO REASON why RBN can’t record their own shows!

  5. So if recording out here in the wild is not the answer is there something Clint can do ( since he is the source ) like push record …. I don’t really know I’m just throwing out ideas right now. I’m just guessing that if RBN can decide not to record Clint can decide to record ???

  6. OK here is my lo tech solution. I’ve taken a old mp3 player recorder and am connecting it to the line out of my computer and plugging in my speakers to the head phone jack. I’m giving it a try now we’ll see if it works.

    1. I’m listening to a copy of todays (8/27) show that I made with my mp3 recorder — sounds good to me — could you let me know where to send you a copy — I’d like to know your opinion and also that any future file I make will be of use to you.

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