Radio Show Number 403, July 14, 2015

Clint goes solo tonight! Call in Show!

The Topic(s):  Clint shares his research on Werewolves! A Werewolf is a man who is an outlaw! 

Dog – a species of quadruped of the canus class!  A term of reproach, or contempt given to a “Man”!

To go to the Dogs is to be ruined, as in a legal personhood! 

Dog-Latin (from Black’s fourth) useless Latin for useless eaters! English is Dog-Latin..the lowest form!

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 403, July 14, 2015

  1. Hi clint think you willlove this got it from this link, where you can down load a devils handbook,


    Devilling, as the period of pupillage or training to become an advocate is generally known, lasts between eight and nine months, and comprises a mix of skills training courses and time spent working with a devilmaster. The compulsory skills training courses, which are described in more detail in the following pages, are spread across the devilling period and last for about nine weeks in total. For the balance of the period of devilling, devils work closely with their devilmasters.

    All devils have a principal devilmaster who is a practising member of the junior bar of at least seven years standing, and working primarily in civil practice. Devils will also spend part of the time with another devilmaster practising in the criminal courts, and many devils spend a short period of time with a third devilmaster working in a different aspect of civil work from his or her principal devilmaster.

    In order to take a devil, a devilmaster must be approved by the Dean of Faculty. The Clerk of Faculty maintains a list of approved devilmasters, who may be contacted by email or via the Clerk’s office.

    Devils are expected to attend court with their devilmasters, and to attend consultations with solicitors instructing their devilmaster and with the solicitors’ clients. A devil will also discuss the preparation and presentation of the cases in which their devilmaster is involved and will be required to draft written pleadings and opinions.

    During the period of devilling, devils also carry out work for the Free Representation Unit. This is part of the Faculty’s commitment to providing access to justice for everyone. The Free Representation Unit enables devils to provide advice and representation to clients of Citizens Advice Bureau from across Scotland. Further information about the Faculty’s programme of free legal services may be found on the Free Legal Services Unit (FLSU) website.

    At the end of the devilling period, a devil’s admission to the Faculty is dependent on certification by his or her principal devilmaster that the devil is a fit and proper person to be an advocate, and that the devil has been involved in a wide range of work in the course of his or her devilling. A devil’s competence in a number of aspects of written and oral advocacy is assessed during devilling, and if a devil is assessed as not to be competent, he or she will not be admitted to the Faculty. Further details of this process can be found in the assessment section.

    They cannot deni they are devils after this can they?
    Be good cliff, The fake christians can not say they do not know who the devils are now surly?

  2. Very in-formative show… fascinating really. Not taking anything away from you Clint, but i really, really liked it when that wise guy Tony showed up. Very in-sight-full. How is it i never heard him call in before? He is so right in saying that the explanations for how things work should be simple… truth generally is the simplest explanation.

    The plural of why is wise… if that guy has a web-site somewhere, i would go there.

    The bible cannot be the inspired word of God… the word in-spired means breathed in. The bible is made of dead ink and paper… it does not breathe. For the same reason an invoice is not a bill… it is called an in-voice, but it does not make a sound… there is no voice. God is a verb, not a noun… the bible cannot be the living word of the true creator God. A true creator makes laws that cannot be broken and all are subject… right on down to rock and water… it does not get more fair that that. Therein lies the only definition of true free will as well… nature is here to remind us of that… we are nature. No matter how far away we stray, there is no escaping that witch made us.

    When you look up the word God in the King James Bible Dictionary and Latin etymology you are given two definitions. One being Zeus, and we all “know” Zeus was a mythological God, right? The other definition is Deus. A key for you Clint is that our words are syllabraic… thusly, Deus, broken down is De-Us. The prefix “de” means down from, away or separate… and what is us? The adherence to words on paper seems to take us away from ourselves. It should not require a PHD in linguistics to understand the word of a living God. I mean, even rocks have got that figured out. The law is within us, not without. That is true for every created thing in existence. We know the truth, we speak it. We just don’t know what the true meanings of our words.

    “Our God” means “Oh, you are God” because O U R = Oh, You Are. There is a lie in belief and an iou in consciousness. Nature goes out of her way to show us it never ends…. we cannot enslave ourselves to any ideology… not forever, anyhow.

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