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Tonight July 09 is Clint’s 400th Show!

Quite a landmark!  How many of You out there thought this show would last this long?

It’s a testament to Clint’s dedication to deep research, and helping people learn!

As most of You know, Clint gives all his research away “FREE”!

If You’ve enjoyed the ride, the mad dash down so many rabbit holes of reality?

Why not Donate! 

This is just me Drew, Clint has no idea I’m posting this! 😉

Visit and hit the “Donate” button please! 


3 responses to “Tonight July 09 is Clint’s 400th Show!

  1. Drew — decided to donate — there is no obvious donation button — I used the one at don’t know if you had another donate button in mind but there is not simple donate button here — but I found one and donated. Thank you both for all that you do.

  2. Thanks so much, Farmerkarl – that was the donate button I intended! It’s been a merry ride so far!

  3. now I see the problem the link to reality bloger site is a link to show 399

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