Radio Show Number 399, July 08. 2015

As per usual Clint is joined tonight by Daniel from

The topic(s)  tonight: The concept of charity!

What is Love!   (It does not exist in legal dictionaries)


3 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 399, July 08. 2015

  1. Blacks Law under “society” love is mentioned as a component of society, to loose a family member is loss of society including love, affection , care, attention, companionship, protection, etc.. So one can sue legally for loss of society (love) if their family member is killed through negligence.

  2. I didn’t know you had so much Disdain for Andy Jackson till the White Rose called in.
    Jackson was under constant attack from the British banksters ( I am totally aware of the Trail Of Tears and do not claim to be an expert of the hows and whys)
    There may have been some subversion going on with the lovely British there.
    A multicultural experiment with agents of the British creating the conditions to facillitate the ouster. I don’t claim to know and there was a good amount of Jackson smears to go around till today.Especially from Canada.

    But like every fool on a Federal Reserve note they all stink of course.
    I didn’t know it tore you guys up so terribly looking at the $20.00 bill.
    The gall of bitterness will kill ya.
    Anyway I love ya Clint you come around and then you drift out.
    And just around that time this show was on I downladed a fantastic down to earth logical man who is no longer with us.After hearing it (He’s not a Chrisianese speaking schmuck)
    He does a nice one on the NewAge and he died in the eighties before all those things were known…before the web.
    I thought this sounds like some ppl I know of.
    It made me beg the question…..
    Are you and Daniel Christians or Unitarians?
    Dr. Martin can clear up the question for you.Maybe I am wrong to infer such a thing,or not.You be the judge!
    Dr. Walter Martin – Kingdom of the Cults Part 6/7 – Unitarianism, The Cult of the Intellect

    1. PS not rolling with the 6mil The nazi’s weren’t really German at the top anyway.
      Pls see his work on
      Maybe you can get some ideas.
      Dr. Walter Martin – Kingdom of the Cults Part 7/7 – Zen Buddhism, Meher Baba, and Hare Krishna
      Dr. Walter Martin – Kingdom of the Cults Part 5/7 – Psychic Phenomenon
      Dr. Walter Martin – Kingdom of the Cults Part 4/7 – Spiritism – Edgar Cayce, Jeane Dixon, Astrology
      There is a lot to be gleaned from entire series.
      He’s not the run of the mill chucklepuss.
      I’ll not post the links and fill the place with videos off topic.
      The 6 mil thing …he was in the eighties.He’s dead now.I wish he wasn’t if thats what he was like then.

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