Radio Show 390, June 23, 2015

Wanna buy some really nifty gold, silver or copper coins from 1300 B.C. .. You can even buy them with “Modern English” on them .. ear rings for the little lady from Sumeria.. “No Problem”!
How History is the biggest weapon, bigger than “TV”, bigger than vaccines..  
History says Herod existed, and we have the coins in 20 denominations to prove it.. some made from Aluminium!
History tells us:  Lincoln wanted to end slavery, There were no giants walking on the earth, The Nuremberg Trials were legit.. even though many of the Germans had  their families threatened or their testicles crushed before they would testify to the terrible deeds they committed. Every President has been related to King John.. says who? 

Tolkien, C.S. Lewis ..and Harry Potter all tell us about the “Return of the King” .. then magically they find a stone near Glastonbury that has ARTU written on it.. To prove that King Arthur .. “The Once and Future King” existed! 

The “King” they want to return is “William Arthur Phillip Lewis” .. Prince Will’s!


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