Radio Show Number 383, June 12, 2015

Clint is joined tonight by Kevin Annett from –

Canadian Genocide is discussed by Canada’s Bad-Boy. Kevin has run afoul of the Anglican, Catholic, and United church’s in Canada. As there is no separation between Church and State, that means Kevin is public enemy number one! 

Kevin has had a target on his back for years. Find out why?

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3 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 383, June 12, 2015

  1. Have you researched Kevin’s claims and looked into his detractors like Gerg Renouf? I have and Kevin seems to be a very clever psychopath. I emailed Kevin on some of his claims last year and got no reply, so he won’t even address concerns that the general public has. I’ve also looked into his defrocking pretty extensively and I find no cause to legitimize his side of the story. That guy appears to be a standard cluster B personality disorder, or what I would call a true psychopath, and his history and the evidence outside of his claims and even his ‘enemies’ claims support that view. Love your show Clint, but your way off the mark on this guy. He’s in the same league as Passio, Grove etc., and his own actions and clown like behavior and lies prove that out.

  2. Kevin Annett is a very controversial figure, needless to say. He wouldn’t allow any questions from callers! So it was only his “version of the truth” that got heard! That was a very long time ago, I don’t want to put words in Clint’s mouth, but His “deep research” takes precedent over investigating every single detail about his Guests! Clint knew He was controversial, but put him on to hear “His” story!

    1. Fair enough, I just wanted people to know is all. I get that he sometimes books people who he doesn’t see eye to eye with, or disagrees with also, and it is a radio show so there’s that . Greg Renauf has a lot of good primary research in this guy and his erratic behavior.

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