Radio Show Number 382, June 11, 2015

Tonight Clint goes Solo!  After Clint’s Debate with Marc Stevens on Gnostic Media.. Clint is Adamant about separating Himself from people like Marc Stevens, and Mark Passio who are abusing the Alternative Audience! Please Note that anyone who uses an Alias is So Full of It!… i.e. Marck Stevens, Vyzagoth, Eric Andrew Blair!

Clint distances himself from Alex Jones, and doesn’t want himself Compared to Anyone!

Using Logic without Grammar leads to Nonsense!

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34 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 382, June 11, 2015

  1. Haha in the chat room they were cheering you on!
    Go Clint Go ! Repeatedly.It was Great!
    They LOVED IT !
    And I have to agree! It was a fantastic broadcast!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow! and Yea!
    Clint,you Da Man! Thanks for being there doing what you do.Someone has to say it and you say it very very well!

  2. Im not sure what was accomplished. I too study “anarchy” and there are many definitions and views on the word. Because Websters puts out one version, its an opinion. My dictionaries say other wise. Once you add words add some “economic theory” or “syndicalism” you radically alter the definition. Kunstler the lawyer refereed to himself as a “philosophical anarchist” The scribes at the publishing houses make sure that the content of their books is communist/pharisee friendly. Jesus was an anarchist in a way as he rejected the governments of men and that IS anarchy. OR thats the closest you are going to get to it. Government cannot be anarchist because they are GOVERNMENT. Which is in a state of deviant, collectivist tyranny, not anarchy. Most people live in “anarchy” everyday, all day long except for a few lapses in emotionality when the cops are called, which is usually over some nuisance charge.
    Once you bully someone into compliance, that is not anarchy, that is tyranny.
    Stevens didnt really make any sense when he said there isnt really any government, which sounded more like a philosophical statement. But he didnt state that because “Yes government does not exist in nature, it is sodomy” Its a man made construct, frankly by pirates at this point.
    So if until you have a better word for self government, Ill stick with anarchy. Im self governing, and there really isnt much anyone else is going to do for me anyways. Is that chaos ? Thats was interesting about Passio, another Judas Goat. I wasnt really impressed with anyone at the conference. I didnt even watch Fritz. the guy before Clint should have gotten off stage, and took it outside. Tuskin didnt step in or they should have at least moved the whole schedule back, but none of this surprises me.

  3. Anarchists are pretty easy to infiltrate!
    In the Haymarket Riots in Chicago they sent “cops” in calling themselves anarchists to throw a bomb and get the organizers for the 40 hour workweek painted as anarchists.
    It’s still circular reasoning.
    Whoever has more money can also do whatever they like too!
    I prefer the ten commandments.

    There’s no Utopia

  4. Real anarchists dont riot and march in protests, thats government black-ops. Only tyrants do that. This is not to say anarchists are doormats, they choose their battles wisely. So the government sponsored “anarchists” are just government agitators, probably FBI.

  5. Logic that relies on grammar is perverted.

    I think Webster’s dictionary is definitely coded with occult mind control, i.e. “smarts” means “hurts” haha …and “literally” means ‘of books’. I see corrupt words hiding in plain sight. The definition of anarchism by Webster is 100% propaganda and flat wrong. No intelligent anarchist ever wanted violent chaos as their final goal and for a dictionary to pretend otherwise is a deliberate lie. Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as government. It’s an agreement. It is art and so it is artificial, purely in the realm of philosophy, religions, books and dreams. Clint prefaced himself that he doesn’t think government is part of nature, OK right, and so the debate does not “move forward” from there. I do not validate your delusions. Government is a secondary layer of reality that is imaginary by his own admission. It is only necessary that you understand what I mean. It is NOT more important that I say it “correctly”. If I was Marc I would have said, ‘yes lets start at the most basic assumption: government exists only if we agree on it and at the most basic level I withhold my validation. Objectivity ends where my complicity starts.’

    Clint was right when he escaped with “every situation is different” because infinite diversity is a property of nature, has no authority, and we are nature…or is man artificial? The political condition is anarchy because that’s all it ever was. A political model that is informed and mirrors our true nature without any progressive delusions. Anarchism is what we are and if we get our ideas in line with reality then confusion ends and we see that the systems and controls are always created for “other” people. The truth is achievable only by the individual and does not require collectively agreed upon abstractions.

  6. I got to listen to the debate over the weekend.Once upon a time I purchased “Marc Stevens”Adventures in Legal Land.
    I have repeated things I learned from Marc so many years ago.
    I thought it was great at the time.I haven’t heard Marc for some time now and after years of Clint Bert,Daniel,and Jan and the fare Clint delivers now the Marc Stevens guy pales in comparison.
    In the debate Clint undauntedly won this hands down.
    Poor Marc came off like ….well Ratso Rizzo.(Sorry to use a Hollywood analogy)
    It was hard to listen to Marc and his ersatz,but Clint made this palatable because of the definitions and information conveyed in a debate setting.
    Thanks for what you do Clint!

    1. Here is the thing, Marc provided “resistance” to the courts. He made the courts work and spend time and energy. Then he wins, so he has some standing. Most no one EVER presents any resistance. So the courts never get bogged down. You see where I am going ? Sometimes we get too caught up in letter of the spirit instead of the intent of the words. I asked Marc about 2 decades ago, what is the one question you must ask the courts and he was right when he said , “Who is my accuser?” He is right. Because thats when it all falls apart.
      The courts are where the rubber meets the road. If you havent been in court, by yourself, with no one backing you up or showing up for support, I dont think anyone has a “right” to say a God damn thing about until they have been through the legal process.
      I thought both parties were angry before the “debate” and maybe had axes to grind because as I see it, “Nobody is winning” I thought Clint was a bit heavy handed but I thought Marc wasnt articulating himself properly.
      One question on Passio – if he is an ex satanist, did he repent his sins before Jesus ? Im guessing – No.

  7. As was brought up in the Debate .. Marc .. whatever his real name is.. has been in Jail at least 10 times. It may be many more .. but as long as he uses a phony name.. there is no way to search court records to prove the veracity of his method! If someone hides their name, they have a lot to hide! Why doesn’t he just use Maharaishi Mark.. so his flock can put Offertories on his collection plate?

  8. For all the definitions extrapolated on at length, and being one of the main points of controversy the existence or non-existence of “government” does anyone find it odd that literally zero effort was made to actually define “government”? How do we know what is or is not “government”? Is there a rational principle?

    Clint presented Zero facts proving that there are citizens, for all his definitions and citations. Citing dogmas like the 14th amendment is not the same as citing EVIDENCE to prove those dogmas. He claims he proved there are citizens yet all he did was read from blacks law dictionary and the sacred scripture of the government religion. Simply citing a dogma and a definition is not evidence to prove the dogma! It is that same dogma we are challenging! Merely reading it to us is not proof. Here is how Clint defines citizen:
    Section 1.

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Okay, in order to prove someone meets these definitional criteria SIMPLY AS IT IS WRITTEN you need FACTS to prove:
    1. There is such a thing as “The United States”
    2. There is such a thing as “jurisdiction”
    3. The “United States” has it.
    4. The individual or person or “evil Genius” or whatever it is you are claiming is a citizen is subject to that jurisdiction of the the United States.

    Further Clint agrees that a “requirement” of “citizenship” is requires:

    5. A duty of allegiance in exchange for a duty of protection

    Aside from scriptural/religious faith in sacred dogmas like legislation/constitution/case law, ARE THERE ANY FACTS PROVING ANY OF THIS? WHAT ARE THOSE FACTS? IF NOT WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT THE DOGMAS OF THE GOVERNMENT RELIGION? BLIND FAITH?

    1. The word “government” was defined a long time ago on Clint’s broadcast. Which means “mind control” . You either agree and consent or you dont. If you agree, government exists.

  9. Hey ! I listened to show # 382 again as I missed the first 20 mins that day,and I noticed that the “Soverign Man from Freeomland”CFR2Hell guy called and got Clint agreeing to Rick Warrens Purpose Driven diatribe.
    55 mins in This “Sovereign Man” is talking about PURPOSE,how he hopes Clint can find his purpose and we all have purpose.(Thats Rick Warren stuff) and Purpose driven is closely related to Non Violent Communication.
    The “Soverign Man”asks if you’re not helping your fellow man then what are you here for? In NonViolent Communication it’s If you are not here to serve life then what are you here for.I had the misfortune of hearing “Spiritual Survival” on RBN the self help guru and he thanked Soverign man for helping him get the show on the air.Maybe the Soverign Man has been influenced by this Purpose scam? He preaches it rather well.It along with Universities and Hollywood are key elements to change us for the worse. The Spiritual Survival man
    Mark Kaplan uses a New Age Bible the New Living Translation. He cites it here as long as we’re outing stinkers?
    The same as Rick Warrens church!
    • New International Version – NIV 2011
    • New Living Translation – NLT 2005
    • New King James Version – NKJV 1982
    • The Contemporary English Version – CEV 1995
    • The Living Bible – TLB 1971
    • Today’s English Version – TEV 1976
    • God’s Word – GW 1995
    • The Message – MSG 2002
    • The Amplified Bible – AMP 1965
    • The New Jerusalem Bible – NJB – 1990
    Any pastor, author, or book publisher who uses 10 versions of the Bible in his sermon, book, or resource is seeking a rendering of the Word that fits his agenda. There is simply no legitimate reason to use 10 versions of Scripture in honest Bible study. Furthermore, the versions used by this particular resource are almost all paraphrases and untrustworthy for honest Biblical study.
    Perhaps Purpose driven can apply to more than the Purpose driven life? Clint didn’t even notice what he was agreeing to or what was being presented.
    Purpose driven is Peter F Druckers baby.
    Purpose driven ideation is part of the neccesary 3 legged stool for globalism to exist ala the PEACE plan.
    Also lets change the currency to LOVE?
    That would be nice if there were no psychopaths in the world.
    Purpose Driven pretends there are no wolves so let them in.NVC claims we all have the same needs.So if someone robs you don’t be angry.
    If you would like to see HOW MANY errors are in the NLT Kaplan uses here ya go.
    It’s the sodomite free bible!
    As cited here
    I really wish Clint would look into the Purpose Driven Scam and the 3 legged stool.Without that Spiritual leg the NWO cannot stand.
    Our phony community (communitarian)churches are a major factor in turning rural areas communitarian.
    It sounds good….people repeat the doctrines (like the Soverign Man From Freedomland (perhaps he doesn’t understand,many people don’t)and New Age Guru’s are pretending to teach the Bible but use a new age version to bring folks to lal la land.
    It was amazing that Clint didn’t pick up on it,but I don’t think it’s on his radar.
    Perhaps he will look into the purpose drive and how the 3 legged stool relies on it.
    I have been on this purpose driven racket for a long time.
    It along with the small groups and self help guru’s they employ (like Kaplan)are responsible for leading most of our rural churches into communitarian based nests.The third leg of globalism.
    Listen carefully when someone talks to you about purpose.
    It’s code for Warren Drucker and the small groups where NVC is taught under different name.Much like Outcomes Based Ed for children and TQM for medical was the same training.
    I have a smattering of this Purpose Driven nonsense on my site for a long time now.It goes under the radar as it did on this show.
    Purpose Driven and finding your purpose sure sounds innocent till you research it and where it comes from and the confusion and control it exerts over our Small Group Community (Communitarian) “Churches and all their self help guru’s.All you need is a real Bible.

    Outside of that ? It was a GREAT show anyway.Just a heads up on how easily the Purpose Driven mind virus slips into the unaware.It sure sounds nice.Check my site and particularly Dr Bob Klenck from long ago.It’s proliferated since his lecture.
    But you can get an idea where this language virus came from.
    Just LOVE everbody even the wolves as in NVC
    Wolf hunting tactics

  10. The debate was like an Atheist asking a Christian about what evidence and the Christian (clint) giving fallacies.

  11. The problem with atheists, is they usually still serve mammon and pay tribute in the form of taxes so they chose their gods whether they know it or not. Government is idol worship.

  12. Calvin and Marc are two different people. Marc Stevens is his real name. What has led you to believe otherwise?

  13. Paul NZ, Big Andre, agree. What we call “government” is factually a religious cult which is engaged in extortion under religious pretenses. Religious cult+ extortion mafia=government

    Clint’s position is based on faith in the scriptures of government religion. If you don’t simply reify the ideas from his sacred dogmas there’s no way to prove any of it. It is an organized faith based religious belief system.

  14. Clint is the best Deep Researcher I know.. During the Show Clint gives the names of 3 Charlatans who are masquerading as another. Clint states Categorically: Marc Stevens is Calvin Dewitt!
    I’d put $$ on Clint being right! Mark Passio is Mark Rochar

    The Real Mark Passio! Mark Rochar.. 😉 Bob Tuskin is Ryan Katz.. as most of us in Philly already Knew!

    1. “The Real Mark Passio! Mark Rochar.. 😉 ”

      I would assume that Rochar was the fake name. Mark Passio might not be quite as enlightened as he projects but you can say that about nearly everyone. You have to judge a person by the quality of their actions. I would be more inclined to believe you as the disinfo agent.

      1. I looked up the meaning of Passio in Blacks Law dictionary, means pannage;A common of pannage is the right of feeding swine on mast and acorns at certain seasons in a commonable wood or forest. Makes you think what Ex-satanist mark is feeding us?

  15. Incubus, you are being duped.. Marc Stevens is an Alias! Mark charges people $100.00 an hour for his Consults!

  16. Calvin is a separate guy, I’ve seen him and if you follow Marc’s show, he’s the co host and production engineer for the show… lol. Calvin and Marc are two different people. Yes Marc makes his living off this stuff and charges money for services(?!) Who cares what he calls himself? Obviously Clint is a great researcher and has a lot of info and is very intelligent and I thought his argumentation ethics were respectable – I’m not picking on Clint as a person. You just have to realize that the dogmas he preaches are based on religious bs – in the interview he even admits it’s based on “lies” and “fictions”. There is no such “entity” as “the state” other than as an imaginary article of scriptural faith of the government religion.

  17. The point of Clint outing Marc, Mark, and Mr. Tuskin was that there are very few Guru’s who use their own name. For example .. when I find out that Mark Passio is really “Reverend” Mark Rochar. and performs Death Metal.. I have much different view of that Guru. In Marc Stevens case.. when he charges $$$ per hour as if he were an attorney but isn’t .. and uses a phony name.. and if you read the libertarian punk blog.. has advised people very poorly.. Then it really does matter what the Guru’s Real Name is! It came out in the Debate that Calvin/Marc has gone to Jail at least 10 times.. “It’s important that his sheep/followers can research his court records.. before they give hime $100.00 per hour”! That’s why it matters what a Guru’s Real Name is!

  18. Now you are quoting that bullshit libertarian punk hit piece as your sacred scripture to support your ad hominem fallacies. That hit piece was based on straw manning and appeals to authority, you notice the blogger said he put up the bail money, he had a vested financial interest in a case marc was on so he’s hardly neutral. If you listen to MArc’s new show Calvin is the co-host. Explain your Calvin=Marc theory. What facts support it? How does Marc have Calvin on as his co host and how do they appear together in the same video as 2 people yet you say they are the same guy? Please explain how you know this?

  19. Here in Canada, Maple Syrup is more valuable than Oil or $$. If it turns out Clint is wrong about Calvin Dewitt being Marc Stevens: I will ship 1 500ml.. (I know it’s metric makes no sense in the real world) of Maple Syrup to your provided address! What do you have to proffer on this bet?

  20. Clint stated on his radio show in Show 382, on June 11, Thursday last, at 1:04:25 Clint states that Marc Stevens is Calvin Dewitt! Clint has known Marc for many years! If You read the libertarian punk blog.. You will see that Marc/Calvin gave advice which led to people being hurt. One gentleman claims to have ended up with a 45 year sentence thanks to Calvin/Marc! That’s why it was quoted! The Article claims that Marc/Calvin is causing more harm than good. That’s why it was quoted! Clint doesn’t charge $100.00 per hour .. That’s why Marc/Calvin is a Guru.. who is “Hurting” People! When it comes to believing Marc/Calvin or one of his flock: “You” .. I know who I will trust! The guy who gives everything away, not the Guru charging $100.00 per hour.

  21. The key word is “claims”. The thing is Marc’s material isn’t based on us trusting him on trust/faith. Everything is based on and verifiable with facts and logic. I have read the Libertarian punk blog, and it’s based on bullshit.

  22. I still wanna know how you become an “ex-satanist” because last time I checked, the covenant was eternal, unless you get Jesus to step in. Did Mark Passio repent for his sins ?

  23. I mean the one about MArc. Some of the stuff on Libertarian Punk makes some good points but on dealing w/ Marc MWD was way out of line.

  24. About 7-8 years ago I was in the same position Clint is at now. My introduction to the freeman/strawman idea seemed at the time a grand removal of the wool from over my eyes. Granted, it did help set me on a path of discovery, a path that ultimately led to where Marc and others reside now. I can’t, nor will I, speak on behalf of anyone but myself, nor proclaim to adopt the viewpoints and beliefs of others wholeheartedly. Certain outlooks may align with that of Marc and others like him, but I do not choose, nor condone, being represented by the stances of anyone other than myself. That said, the foundation from which Marc bases his statements on in regards to government, are rooted in objective reality. It all comes down to coercion. Support is in fact compulsory. What the practice of anarchy strives to achieve is to remove that compulsion. This does not mean that crucial services that are currently provided my government are unwanted. It means the way in which they are provided is sought to be eliminated.

    It is easy to extrapolate a word when you’re given such a blunt definition of “no rulers”, into a nightmarish landscape of chaos and mayhem. It leaves enough room for interpretation up to the imagination, to be so malleable it can be contorted any which way. For many though, what is inferred is not necessarily disorder, but order born out of willfulness; without compulsion. Leadership is a natural trait within our species, as is the want or need to follow. The issue arises when that leadership, that “authority”, comes by any way other than consent. This is the epitome of government; an initiation of violence and the monopoly thereof. By its very nature government is immoral and unfit to exist.

    Clint, I don’t know how much time permits you to read these comments, I’m sure you have a busy schedule. But I want you to know, I’ve been where you’re at. The road out of the matrix is a long, hard, and often overwhelming one to trek. Arriving to where I’m at now did not come without resistance. Having a facade stripped abruptly away can be very draining. However, it gets better. And as time progresses the world around you begins to make more sense, and every day you strengthen a firmer grasp on reality, as sordid as it can seem. That said, I truly wish you the best on the rest of your journey. It won’t be easy, it won’t be short, but it will be worth it, and I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

    Best of luck.

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