Summer Break Number 05, June 03, 2015

Tonight’s Show is a Memorial to Michael  Collins Piper!  Former RBN Host and Journalist par excellence!

Michael Never Ran Away From Any Issue, and was hated and belittled for that by.. the Zionist Media!

Even the Alternative Media steered clear of Michael’s Work!  To Illustrate this:  When Tragedy & Hope INC! .. did a Public Relations Podcast on the JFK Assassination – (minutes short of 20 hours long).. Mr. Piper’s Research didn’t even receive a mention in those 20 hours, although T&H was provided with a copy of “Final Judgement” by Me!  As Deanna remarks during the show, “Final Judgement” is the most thoroughly researched book on the JFK Assassination.

Michael will be sorely missed. RIP Mike, You did way more than Your Fair Share!

Another Show plays Tribute to Mr. Piper Collins:

To Download:


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