Sorry for the Lack of Programs being posted this Week.

It’s been a very long week. Our Belgian Shepherd was scheduled for a $6500 Hip Replacement this week

The Veterinary College is a very long way away, I’ve been there 5 times over the past 4 days.

It turns out our Local Vet misdiagnosed our dog, she has never had Hips Displacia, but had all over her joints swollen.. a Disease called IMPA..

After getting that straightened out they send our dog home yesterday with a pain patch, last night our dog couldn’t breathe.. and we rushed her back to the Emerge at the Vet College.. all of a sudden overnight our dog developed “Aspiational Pneumonia.. ” .. She is in Hospital resting today.. But it’s been a very Long Week.

I’ll get the 5 Spingola Posts up this Weekend!

Thanks for Understanding, Drew!


6 thoughts on “Sorry for the Lack of Programs being posted this Week.

  1. you my friend need to apologize to no one. The ones you love will be in my thoughts and prayers. Be well my friend. Pete

  2. You say you avoid the hospital so why are you subjecting your ‘pet’ dog to the same racket? not surprised there has been constant misdiagnosis. Keep your money in your own pocket. Just because people love their dogs more than most humans doesn’t mean that’s the rule. I see the comments , rather short sighted and emotional.

  3. Our Dog went from a very happy dog to a 90 year old dog overnight. Unfortunately .. I don’t have the ability to diagnose Immune Moderated Poly-Arthritis! All I did with my life is build trains. So if I don’t take my dog to Arguably the Best Veterinary Clinic in N. America.. when She’s very Sick.. ?? What would You have done differently. I now have a much happier dog – who with God’s Help will be cured in 72 hours! (Aside from the Pneumonia.. which developed when she tried to vomit but was so sedated that she couldn’t!) .. I specified when I took her in .. that I didn’t want them taking shortcuts on pain meds like they do in many U.S. Clinics.. (see the Horror Stories of Janice Barcelo) ! Would You just have Shot the Dog?

    1. Drew we all know not to listen to assholes which the previous comments are from. I’ve done the same thing with my cats. You do what you have to for the sake of the loved animal. I’m so glad to hear she’s weller!

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