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Rado Show Number 377, May 26, 2015

Clint is joined tonight by David Roach and Michelle Johnson 
They discuss Boycotts, Starving the Beast! We have to stop being Hosts to the Parasites!
Government has no power over Individual Indians only over Indian Tribes!

Affidavits of Domicile announce the Civil Death of the Commercial You!

Putting Your Person into a Trust .. is this still in the Commercial World. 

When you become a National .. are You Still a Citizen?   and

To Download:


9 responses to “Rado Show Number 377, May 26, 2015

  1. looks like the dead link was supposed to go to a faschberg page

  2. I heard the Facebook Page.. but I may not have the Geneleman’s Name spelled right. The Boycott was a separate page.. I’ll figure it out. thanks

  3. Steward Jed ⋅

    The Facebook page I am almost 100% 🙂

  4. Well it seems that the quoted “penhallow v doane’s administrators” Judgement is a fake.
    I’m still looking into it but that doesn’t bode well for the quoter.

  5. Thanks dsfad.. Keep us posted on your results.. going to the “source” is always revealing! The more We Know the better.

  6. Anyone find that link that David talked about with private law related texts and or documentation? I’m trying to contact him on Facebook about his other info, as I don’t see the affidavit links available on his Facebook page, so maybe this law link is the same deal?

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