The Alternative Media and Brian Williams!

How many times, have We heard .. Brian Williams’  .. tell these amazing tales.. which turned out to be “False”?

How many times with Bill O’Reilly?

We in the Alternative Media Sneer and say.. “See I told You So.. they Lie”

But what happens when the exact same thing happens in the “Alternative Media”?

At least the Main Stream Media tries to justify it’s “Truthiness”!

In the Alternative Media.. We tend to just pretend it didn’t happen!

The Mainstream Media Had to Respond to Mr. Williams Lies!  Why is it that in the Alternative Media.. the “Brian Williams’s” can state Lies but Never be Challenged?

One of the largest Alternative Media Cartel’s is Tragedy and Hope!  
Tragedy and Hope .. produced a Movie by Paul Verge .. entitled:  “20/20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline”
This Movie features Mr. Richard Andrew Grove.. for almost 2 hours .. stating his Hagiography!
Mr. Grove.. claims he was a Whistle Blower.. (once in 2001, and now again in 2003) who brought forth evidence about Enron, World Com, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how the Act’s   protection was bogus!
Using Your Critical Thinking Ability:  “What are the mathematical chances .. that a Whistle Blower .. would be in the “Thick and Thin” of 2 of the largest Fleecings  of the American People in 2 years time?
(Mr. Grove’s claims on 911, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
.. have become –  Alternative Media .. Scripture)!
Why has No-One ever questioned that Scripture?
The Main Stream Media has the ability.. to re-examine  their “Scripture” .. when it’s Prophets like Brian William’s turn out to be shallow!   Why not the Alternative Media?
The Movie:  Tragedy and Hope .. produced a Movie by Paul Verge .. entitled:  “20/20 Hindsight: Censorship on the Frontline” Shows “Rich” .. fighting a mammoth David and Goliath Battle against  .. EMC Corporation.
Mr. Grove claims “complete victory” in the court case.. and that the Judge “agreed” with his “Facts” .. about EMC .. and Legato Software.. and how Heroic our “Plucky Software Salesman” .. is!
Mr. Grove .. has appeared on over 200 radio shows and stated his “Sarbanes Oxley” case!
Why has No-One ever questioned Mr. Grove’s “Version” of the Events?
(Please Note the Segment is only 9 minutes long) The segment of the Movie that states Mr. Grove’s Assertions is here:
The “Actual” Court Case that Mr. Grove refers to is here:

Compare the “Williamsesque  Version of Events” in the Movie, asserted by Mr Grove –  with the Reality of the Court Case!

Then Ask Yourself:  “And the Difference between the Ridiculed Brian Williams and Our Hero is?????

The Alternative Media has to “evolve” at least to the point where we can question our Myths, and Lies . or We will go .. exactly where We Are Intended:   NOWHERE!

Mr. Grove’s 911 story has been debunked here:

3 thoughts on “The Alternative Media and Brian Williams!

  1. I have come to the conclusion that forum sites like T&H have two purposes. 1) To gather people together and get them to only listen to certain “gurus,” most of which are controlled op or just useful innocents that parrot others as if they thought of it. 2) To draw reputable researchers into that grouping to legitimize the false ones – mixing names and reputations and thus discrediting the creditable. It’s a bit like fornication, Bible style. I have nothing to do with it anymore, nor any other forums. No facebook. Nothing. Trust only in what you can verify.

    And Drew… my question is… How old is Grove, and how old was he when he went through all this. Took me since 9/11/2001 to get to the point I’m at in research, pitfalls, stupidity, parroting bullshit of Alex Jones, and finally due diligence. I’m 42, making me 28? in 2001. And people say I’m young for my particular current disposition and comprehension.

    The (false) Jews train their children from birth in the big lie, according to the Talmud and Protocols. Just sayin…

    Others are right with you, Drew… I trust very few people anymore. Never accept anyone’s info at face value.


    1. Mr. Grove was Younger when He Went through his “Whistleblower” Stage.. All of us were Younger then.. and many of us have changed, or evolved as “more layers” become available. The issue that I have is .. You “Clint” have admitted when you were Younger, and may have gotten a few things Wrong. Jan Irvin, Deanna Spingola have also admitted when they have gotten things wrong .. and they have “Moved On”.. With the Tragedy & Hope Paradigm.. Mr. Corbett has never admitted to ever being wrong, Mr. Grove has claimed Whistleblower’s “Sainthood” Status in the Movie.. The Court Record .. just shows a Normal Human Being Being Fired from his Job!

  2. Egads this is awkward as I have for quite some time promoted both Clints Work and sites as well as Tragedy and Hope. It pains me hear but one MUST be able accept that they can be fooled even on their Journey to Truth. I would ask if either Richard Grove or Paul Verge were asked/challenged as to the truth and or invited on air?

    I can’t give full credit to the Court Record for accuracy and honesty based on what they do daily. I respect the work being done by you both, Clint and Drew, and have gained much insight from the Peace Revolution Podcast as well.

    So many questions, pretty busy as I don’t work under SINsurance and am embroiled with the potential of having loved ones under the age of majority going into fostercare.

    ~ if one does not correct their own record openly they are lying by omission ~

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