Monday May 11, 2015

Last Night’s Show was a repeat from April of this year!


12 thoughts on “Monday May 11, 2015

  1. Have you seen the changes in the RBN archives now. There is no visible way to save the new shows. I hate it…. I wrote them but do not expect an answer.

    1. Drew I actually thought that’s how you got the shows then edited them. well I hope more people complain regarding this for it’s really stupid what this person has done. It’s more important to click the like for Facebook then to actually download and listen and save the podcasts. i liste and save a few peoples show from RBN….I guess that is gone now. I will lay money on we will never see that Patrick Jordan show on the archives from Apr. 27.

  2. Morgana – I try to record every show.. but if RBN is having network issues.. then my recording loops.. so I pay a monthly fee for a backup service.. between the 2 of them.. I get almost every show.. It really pisses me off that the Patrick Jordan Show is MIA.. but Republic assured Clint they had it.. all I can do is wait.

  3. Thanks Farmerkarl .. It’s hard to believe it’s been 368 shows. That’s an unbelievable amount of Research by Clint! Since I fell off the Turnip Cart and said – “Something Sucks Here” .. I have been involved with a few radio shows and a few “Communities” … Let Me Say.. Clint is always re-examining what he thought he knew and working ahead to the next issue on the Horizon! So Much of the Alternative Media .. is focused on Fear and Paralysis .. I’m so proud to be just a tiny part of Clint’s Explorations! Thanks to all You Listeners.. it’s been an Amazing Journey!

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