Radio Show Number 366, May 08, 2015

Clint is joined later in the show by Lark from Texas, and they take calls.

Clint tells us about the Etymological Meaning of Risen!  Roses.. etc.. Downtown Philadelphia is full of Rosicrucian Crosses!  

The Main Topic of the Show:  Is Anarchism just Controlled Oppostion! Particularly the Modern Version!

To Download:

4 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 366, May 08, 2015

  1. Thanks Karl, link fixed! RBN told Clint the 357 Show Would be Caught Up! I have no other input to the process, beside crossing my fingers. RBN seems to have major ARCHIVE ISSUES .. this week.. none of the shows since May01.. have been posted.. Thank God .. I have ferreted out some “Alternative” Sources.. one of which is me.. trying to record the stream every night… some night’s it just vanishes! We Do Live in Amazing Times! .. 😉

  2. As I understand and accept the conceptual and physical principle of self ownership defined as; I am I, and I posses the physical manifestation that is my human body, and immutably so all responsibilities of actions of my being interactive within the communal nature of the reality that is. In so accepting this principle I accept what I understand as it’s immutable derivative freedom. I am free to manifest any effect in the physical and conceptual reality that is, be it harmful or not. I define harm as any form of theft, and theft as a violation of ownership. I accept the nature of my mind as having two distinct aspects, one of thoughts and the other of emotion. I conceptualize that thought has no potential without the application of emotion, it is therein I submit that all human value is derived. Out of the nature of mind through the freedom of action to manifest effects in the communal reality, is the bastion of all value. This concept is easily understood as what is not commonly known as the holy trinity, and is at the root of conscious and unconscious behavior, is this not so?. Anarchy is defined as the absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual. If you define government as implied by it’s etymological origins, control of mind. This definition would thus be stating that anarchy is the absence of control of mind and the absolute freedom of the individual. Would this imply that the absolute freedom of the individual is an effect of the lack of mind control of the individual by the individual? Anarchy as etymologically origin is no archon or no ruler no master. Does this not have to do with the understanding of the nature of the concept of the self, and self ownership given the relationship between thoughts,emotions and the effects of action. Does being an anarchist mean that you are in mindful control of your own actions, and free as an individual through the acceptance of the principle of self ownership to manifest your thoughts and emotions through your actions, without the use of coercion or violence?

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