Just An Editorial Comment From the Archiver!

Recollections on Philadelphia!  I thought my time there with the fans of this show were: Special .. and Amazing the 10 – 14 of us who “Infiltrated” Philadelphia had a day that will never be repeated.
Now that I’m Home.. and Immersed again with “Normal” people.. it’s such a Step Down.
>>Here in Ontario We’re Involved in a fight against Canada’s Largest Garbage Dump.. being placed Smack Dab in the middle of the “Dairy Capital” of Canada!  
The Protesters.. are all “Sure” that if we just “Elect” the right person from the right party .. everything will be fine! >>
Philadelphia and the Masonic Tour put me in touch with “My Tribe!”   Thank you all for that.. I needed that contact in so many ways!  It gave me Hope that Some of Us are Evolving towards a “Brighter Future!”!
Thanks, Guys and Gals – I Miss You, but Man I Sure Am Glad I Got to Meet You!

4 thoughts on “Just An Editorial Comment From the Archiver!

  1. I agree totally my brother and look forward to our future journeys. It was nice to have intelligent conversations with intelligent people. Be Well. Pete

  2. That is wonderful Drew. Also living in Ontario…. i hear you and those types of people are all I know here. it’s been nice discovering on the various shows, Clint’s being one of them. Many Ontario folks that are in Reality and are very knowledgable!

  3. Great to read this! And thank you in truth Drew tbe amazing Archivist of Clints labor of love with your own laborof love. Things have been really synchronous for me as of late as well. How empowering it is to rrally relate to people that are on the same page of the same book of life on the same bookshelf of loving from the heart seekers!

    You are part of my tribe, my people and my hope!’

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