Radio Show Number 357, April 27, 2015

Finally:   Clint is joined by Patrick Jordan from

Dr. Rima calls in during the Show!

Tonight’s Topic, Yogurt!

If I can find Clint’s Appearance on Dr. Laibow’s Show I will post it later!

To Download:



27 thoughts on “Radio Show Number 357, April 27, 2015

  1. Bummer! Classic show , missed the 1st 1/2 hr. Hope it shows up some where. Pooooooof……… No trouble playing archives here. Thanks, Bill

    1. hey Mike V, are you getting your archived shows from wordpress? for me, the frustration continues, won’t even send me an activation email, seems to be a problem *within* between them and me? and of course, they are hell hard to contact…blah blah…
      kind thanks

      1. Also have you tried the RBN archives?
        I also run Lenux so I have issues most don’t have like not having Adobe flash for instance.

  2. yes, can open here like you do, BUT my problem-o is – that I have asked to be emailed any new interviews, that way I do not need to keep coming back here every other day or such looking for what Clint has been up to..particularly onto him and Patrick Jordan (what a combo) when they mish mash, it runs sublime. thing is, I have been on their email list for eons and suddenly nothing was coming through at all, so I clicked *follow* yet again, but still no activation email from WordPress, so me thinks it is an internal issue…screech in frustration. thanks mate.
    okies RBN archives have some old interviews of Clint and Patrick together? that one is hard to find for me, please advise.

    1. ok, well he usually does 5 shows a week so even checking once a week should give you ample updates, the RBN archives are only dated with no other info so there not going to help with any specific content or guests.

  3. Kathy, just do a search here on the archive page for “Patrick Jordan” .. I believe there are about a dozen of them. I have checked all the WordPress settings.. and the RSS feed is On.. so I’m not sure what to tell you!

    1. DREW… I went back by hand and copy and pasted all interviews with Patrick Jordan for a webpage. I’ve never seen an archive area to type in a search name or term. i also credited your site for the interviews. Thank you again.

  4. We were unable to fetch your activation record. Are you sure you specified the email address you signed up with?

    (wordpress response)

    the above is what they reply with – when I go to *trouble activating* so, it must be an internal issue because my email address is THE only one I use…and what’s more, I had been getting regular updates and suddenly it stopped some weeks back…just stopped…
    thanks for what you have replied with…I will deal with it … no worries.

  5. Thanks Morgana, there was a search icon last time I looked.. I see a different window than visitors do.. I’ll work on that Tonight. Last nights show with KW was recorded fine and will be up later today.. Gotta Go!

    1. ok I know patience is a virtue and I am writing this at exactly the wrong moment … that being said .. if they got it where is it .. I think someone should be rattling someones cage .. RBN should put it up sooner instead of later .. cause later it’s harder to find.
      Not being rude being real — thanks to everyone for their hard work

      oh note to RBN — If you were more reliable with the posting of all the archives for all the shows I would happily be a RBN member ( even with the commercials — but I’d happily pay more as a member for commercial free )

  6. of note I do declare – that my page here that shows WordPress over on the right hand side and on the bottom of page – where it asks you to Follow ( I give up on that shit) still only EVER has 25 other followers… never changes from week to week. so I must be persona non gratia …. anyone else on this 3rd rock from the Sun care to check and tell me what figure your’s is showing? curiouser and curiouser!!!
    thanks sherlock

  7. @Kath.. I’m sorry the WordPress “reminder” isn’t working! But – there are new shows posted every weekday, unless Clint is Ill, or on Vacatiion, or at a Conference! So – if you check in Tuesday – Through Saturday..(I post the shows the next day after they have been processed).. 9 times out of 10 there will be a New Show!

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